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20th September, 2017

"Nurture Africa" update

My name is Terry. I’m a 26-year- old pharmacist working in a large university teaching hospital in Dublin, and I’ve just returned from my first volunteering trip overseas with the not-for-profit organization Nurture Africa. For three weeks in July and August, Nansana in Uganda was my home.

Since 2003, Nurture Africa has been striving to improve the quality of life of vulnerable Ugandan children, many of whom are infected with HIV/ AIDS. Through sustainable development projects, Nurture Africa provides access to healthcare and psycho-social support which allow children and their guardians to lead healthier, happier lives. They also own and operate a primary healthcare centre which provides HIV-positive children and adults with life-saving medication, as well as advice on nutrition and psychological support.

As a volunteer, I was fortunate enough to see and experience these services first hand. Nansana is located about ninety minutes from the capital city of Kampala, and boasts a rapidly expanding population of over 350000 inhabitants. From early morning, the streets are bustling with adults travelling to work and children to school. Businesses stay open well after nightfall, and small business owners often work from 7.00 to midnight. Large and modern supermarkets are also easily accessible, and stock many of the brands available in Ireland. After dark, and particularly at weekends, the main streets are full of people socialising after a hard day’s work, stalls selling barbecued meats and bars playing music.

Traffic in Uganda really does have to be seen to be believed; the road is shared by pedestrians, packed buses which beep to let customers know there is still some space, large trucks and ‘boda bodas’ (motorcycle taxis). Traffic jams are also common, particularly on the main road to Kampala, and can stretch for miles at rush hour. Despite its liveliness, the extreme poverty in Nansana cannot be overlooked. Narrow dirt roads create a maze around the main thoroughfare, and are lined with small (often one-roomed) brick houses – some do not have electricity or plumbing. Due to a lack of refuse services, rubbish is commonly burned outside the home, and dogs freely roam the streets. At night, these streets are in near total darkness due to the absence of street lights. Fortunately for us volunteers, our accommodation consisted of two gated compounds complete with running water, electricity, and excellent shower and toilet facilities.

For the first week of volunteering, my mornings were spent with Geofrey, a Ugandan-trained pharmacist, and his pharmacy staff in Nurture Africa’s HIV/ primary healthcare clinic. Not knowing what really to expect, I was surprised by the similarities between this pharmacy and any other here at home. As in Ireland, central importance was placed on patient care, whilst other fundamentals such as accuracy in dispensing and effective stock procurement were also very apparent. A glaringly obvious difference however was the absence of a dispensing software system, meaning all deliveries, stock movements and patient records were maintained by hand. My first task was therefore to develop a database on Microsoft Excel which would help them to more easily and accurately record stock movements. Once completed, I helped Geofrey to carry out a risk assessment of the pharmacy’s processes to reduce errors. Simple measures we implemented included separating sound-alike- look-alike- drugs on the shelves, trialling a double-check system for pharmacist dispensing and introducing an ‘error log’ (a completely new concept for them).

Prior to my arrival, Geofrey had also identified drug-drug interactions with anti-retrovirals as a cause for concern. In order to better enable the pharmacy team to identify and manage these interactions, I provided them with new editions of the BNF, BNF for Children and Stockley’s Drug Interactions (kindly donated by Tallaght Hospital Pharmacy Department). In addition, I showed them some free online resources which they could use to obtain more detailed and reliable information if needed (the entire clinic was connected with WiFi). When not working in the Pharmacy, my mornings were spent with my fellow healthcare volunteers, made up of three medical and three nursing students. As a group, we spent much of our time travelling to schools and teaching children and adolescents about malaria, cervical cancer, epilepsy, basic first aid and reproductive health. We also provided several sessions to young women on malnutrition, and even had a cooking demonstration on how to prepare a balanced meal using staple Ugandan foods. During these classes, I couldn’t help but notice the friendly and engaging nature of Ugandan people, as well as their great sense of fun.

Perhaps the most rewarding activity I undertook as a healthcare volunteer was community HIV testing. On three occasions we, alongside our Nurture Africa colleagues, travelled to rural areas around Nansana to provide free HIV tests. The test was relatively simple to perform, and involved collecting a small quantity of blood from a finger-prick and applying it to a specially designed test strip. A result was ready within minutes, and was explained to the patient by a Ugandan member of the team. Out of the 360 patients we tested over three days, only 6 patients were positive, which challenged my preconception that HIV was extremely common in Uganda. In fact, the national prevalence of HIV in Uganda is approximately 7%.

After lunch (a mix of rice, beans, avocado and tomato) each day, all three groups mixed for evening activities. Once again, these were incredibly varied, and included reading to primary school children and organising games, visiting businesses supported by Nurture Africa, and visiting clients of the HIV Clinic in their homes. These home visits in particular gave me a privileged opportunity to interact with everyday Ugandan people, and to get a personal insight into their background, health and welfare. I was again struck by the openness, hospitality and outright resilience of these people, despite the extremely arduous circumstances in which they found themselves. As a people, they are also incredibly fit, and I was easily out ran (and out-classed!) on the soccer pitch.

Whilst our weekdays were jam-packed, our weekends were free to explore some of Uganda’s amazing natural landscape. On our first weekend, we travelled over nine hours on a very rickety bus to Sipi Falls in east Uganda (50 km from the Kenyan border). Here, we trekked over a mountain range that boasted four individual waterfalls, and got to prepare, brew and taste our own traditional Ugandan coffee. It really was a stunningly beautiful place. A week later, I fulfilled a long-held ambition of going on safari in another of Uganda’s national parks, and also took a boat trip down the River Nile. Whilst I felt incredibly lucky to see Uganda in this way, I also felt a sense of injustice for many Ugandans who can’t afford to see and experience the beauty of their own country. Volunteering with Nurture Africa in Nansana was an incredible experience, not least because of the continuous on-site support of Nurture Africa’s staff, the warmth of the Ugandan people and the safe environment that was created for us. The value I could add as a Pharmacist to the clinic’s activities was very gratifying, and reminded me of how well trained and knowledgeable we as a profession are. For anyone considering volunteering abroad, I have the following advice:
- Do your research, and select a cause you’re passionate about, or at least interested in

- Pick the organisation wisely: meet with the co-ordinators, ask about the supports available on the ground and about security, speak to previous volunteers

- Organise your fundraising activities early, reach out to potential sponsors and scope your events to a manageable scale

- Travel with an open mind and get to know your fellow volunteers

- Take the leap and go for it!

As a final note, I’d like to thank all those who attended and sponsored my fundraising events, the staff of Nurture Africa for allowing us to work with them, my fellow volunteers and the people of Nansana for making us ‘mzungus’ feel so welcome. Clarity Locums also deserves a special welcome for their generous support of my trip. Next stop... Who knows?

4th August, 2017

Terrence Sematon and Nurture Africa
Clarity Locums is delighted to sponsor Terrence Sematon on his upcoming volunteer trip to Uganda. Terrence is keeping us up to date on his preparations for his trip, his first blog post is below. Clarity are always excited to see pharmacists thinking outside the box and enaging in new initiatives, if any pharmacist is looking for support in any venture please give Anthony a ring in the Dublin office.
My name is Terry. I’m a 26-year-old pharmacist working in a large university teaching hospital in Dublin, In less than 24 hours, I will embark on my first volunteering trip overseas with the not-for-profit organization Nurture Africa. The destination is Nansana, Uganda, and I’ll spend three weeks there.
Since 2003, Nurture Africa has been striving to improve the quality of life of vulnerable Ugandan children, many of whom are infected with HIV/ AIDS. Through sustainable development projects, Nurture Africa provides access to healthcare and psycho-social support which allow children to lead healthier, happier lives. During my time in Uganda, I will be working in Nurture Africa's Paediatric HIV Community Healthcare Project, which provides HIV-positive children with life-saving medication, advice on nutrition and psychological support. I will also be delivering educational workshops in local schools on issues such as children's rights, sexual health, drug use and first aid.
Volunteering in the developing world has been an ambition of mine since I was a teenager, most likely because it appeals to my own love of travel as well as a desire to experience a country and culture which is still developing. I am very fortunate therefore than my training as a Pharmacist has enabled me to undertake this adventure, and hopefully to make a positive impact on the lives of the people and patients I met. As a Pharmacist, I hope to use my unique professional knowledge and skill set to help and advise the Project on medicine procurement, medicine storage and distribution, optimising the therapeutic use of medicines and minimising wastage. 
To get to this point has taken almost eight months of preparation, and has involved two training days, three vaccinations, multiple Facebook groups and an innumerable amount of emails. However, the most challenging part of all was fundraising. In order to travel, each volunteer was required to raise a minimum of 2100e. To reach my target, I undertook three fundraising efforts. The first was a table quiz in the Square Ball in Dublin city centre, which thankfully was a great success and very well attended by friends and work colleagues. The second event took place at home in County Laois, and was based on the popular TV show ‘The Cube’. Given the increased size and complexity, the event was shared with another Nurture Africa volunteer. The money raised far exceeded our expectations and we were incredibly grateful to the participants for making it such a fun and rewarding night. To complete my fundraising, seven friends and I braved the mud to complete the 12km ‘Hell and Back’ obstacle course in Kilruddery Estate. Amazingly, the sun shined on us for the entire day, although we still managed to cross the finish line soaking wet and covered in mud.
My working week will be Monday to Friday, during which my time will be divided between the Clinic/Pharmacy, visiting schools to deliver workshops and visiting patients in their homes. It’s not all work, however, and one weekend I hope to travel on safari to see some of Uganda’s stunning landscape and wildlife. I’m certainly nervous, but my overwhelming feeling is excitement. I also can’t wait to meet my fellow volunteers; a diverse group of medical students, nurses, primary school teachers, engineers and general skills workers.
My next blog post will recount my time spent in Uganda, and described some of my highlights (and low points, if there are any!). What I’ve learned from this experience so far is that people are extraordinarily generous in their time, enthusiasm and indeed money when it comes to supporting a charitable cause. The whole Clarity team deserves an honourable mention in this regard due to their very generous donation, which sponsored many of the prizes raffled in my fundraising events.

30th May, 2017

Clarity Locums to sponsor Clanwilliam Excellence in Locum Pharmacy Awards

Following on from last year's success, Clarity Locums is delighted to announce its sponsorship of the "Excellence in Locum Pharmacy" category at this year's Clanwilliam Pharmacist Awards in aid of the Pharmacy Benevolent Fund. The Pharmacy Benevolent Fund supports those associated with pharmacy and are now in need of assistance. The funds are put to a wide variety of uses to improve the basic quality of life of those in need. The Locum award gives recognition to an outstanding Locum Pharmacist whose activities in the course of their professional duties and development is judged to be the most commendable. Nominations for the award are open to any Pharmacist who locums in either the community or hospital sectors. Speaking at the launch of this year's awards, Anthony O'Neill, Managing Director of Clarity Locums, said he envisaged that this will be a highly competitive category. "We are delighted to be on board again, providing support for the Pharmacy Benevolent Fund. Recognising excellence within our profession is very important; we would encourage all our Clients and Locums to give some thought to nominating any Locum they feel would be deserving". You can nominate across all ten categories at the following link:

5th May, 2017

Clarity/TouchStore partnership

Clarity Locums is delighted to announce its collaboration with TouchStore Rx. From today, TouchStore Rx users will be able to link up directly with Clarity Locums from the TouchStore Rx home screen and book locums with Ireland's number one locum agency. 

Speaking at the launch at the Irish Pharmacy Union Conference, TouchStore's John Cassidy said "This is a great step forward for TouchStore. We are always striving to remove the hassle from our client's lives. Even the most enthusiastic of TouchStore users need to take the odd day off - Clarity are ideally placed to provide cover if needed!"

The interface will deliver TouchStore Rx users directly to the Clarity Locums site where they can book locums in a matter of seconds. This isn't the first time Clarity and TouchStore have teamed up, back in 2015 they opened Ireland's first locum training centre which has gone on to see hundreds of locums trained on TouchStore Rx. Clarity and TouchStore will continue to work closely together over the coming months and we look forward to the many opportunities ahead.

At the United Drug Pharmacy Show were John Cassidy, Eamonn Hynes and Anthony O'Neill

26th April, 2017

United Drug Pharmacy Show 2017

This year's United Drug Pharmacy Show was a huge success for Clarity. It gave us the chance to meet so many of our existing clients face to face and talk to them about all that's been happening at Clarity. We were very pleased to on-board lots of new clients and we look forward to working with them over the coming weeks and months.

The United Drug Pharmacy Show is a strong focal point for Clarity's year - as well as giving us the chance to interact with pharmacy owners and retail pharmacy management, we found ourselves in the heart of the Irish pharmacy industry. The show gives exhibitors a broad, high quality overview of what's happening in pharmacy now and gave us a glimpse into the future of Irish pharmacy. Clarity comes away renewed and excited for the future and looks forward to building on everything that we've learned over the last few days.

At the Pharmacy Show were Anthony O'Neill, Managing Director and Eamonn Hynes, Technology Director.

Relationships old and new at our stand at the Pharmacy Show yesterday

21st April, 2017

Clarity Locums brand refresh

We're delighted to announce the refresh of our website! Clarity has been in business since 2012 and over the years, it has always kept itself up-to-date and regularly renewed itself as an organisation so that it can continually adapt and offer the best possible service. Clarity has always prided itself on its high quality, professional service, its responsiveness, clarity and its personalised approach to the placement and recruitment of Pharmacists. Building strong relationships is at the heart of Clarity's core philosophy. Today Clarity launches its refreshed brand which retains all those aspects of Clarity which has led to its success, while updating itself in line with its renewed focus on the pharmacy recruitment sector in Ireland and the UK. We very much look forward to the next stage of Clarity's growth. Clarity Locums will be at the United Drug Pharmacy Show in the Aviva Stadium this Sunday, Monday and Tuesday. Come visit us and say hello!

20th April, 2017

Clarity sponsors Mizen to Malin Cycle for Hugh's House


Cycle for Hugh’s House’ to raise €40k


Hugh’s House is proud to launch the inaugural ‘Cycle for Hugh’s House’ will take place over 5 days from the 3rd to the 7th of August 2017. A core group of 20 cyclists will tackle the 600km route from Mizen Head to Malin Head in order to raise much needed funds for the maintenance of services and continuing refurbishment of our two houses.


The Charity


Hugh’s House was established in 2015 by Ade Stack and Marty Curley following the death of their 8 month old son Hugh. The charity now operates two houses which provide cost-free long and short term accommodation for parents forced to move to Dublin while their sick children are taken care of in Temple Street Hospital or at The Rotunda. The houses are located within a 5 minute walk of each hospital and are an invaluable resource for the affected families.


When describing her reasons for establishing Hugh’s House, co-founder Ade Stack commented:


It is the hardest thing in the world to have a sick child and nobody ever expects it. When it does happen, you end up far away from home without the support of your family. We were able to be with Hugh every day and when he died we could look back on every day spent together - it makes it bearable – there was no guilt’.


The Route


The cyclists will leave Mizen Head on the 3rd of August and arrive in Malin Head on the 7th of August with overnight stops in:




Athlone; and



Each day will involve over 100km of cycling with fund raising efforts in each town along the route. In total, the cyclists will cover a gruelling 600km over the five days.


The Participants


A core group of 20 cyclists will take on the entire route with many more choosing to complete on a stage or too along the way. Included in this group are Sinead Lynch and Claire Lambe who were last seen competing together in the Final of the Women’s Lightweight Double Sculls at the Rio Olympics. Indeed, Lambe is fresh from helping Cambridge to their first victory in 5 years over Oxford in the Women’s Boat Race.

On their reasons for trading the boat for a tandem bike, Lambe commented:

Both myself and Sinead have gone our separate ways since Rio and have only had the opportunity to meet on a few occasions. This cycle will be a great opportunity to team up again and by doing the cycle on a tandem it will give us plenty of hours to catch up!


When I heard about the charity and the idea for the cycle, I knew it was something I wanted to support. It is a cause that really touches the hearts of many. When faced with the realities of a serious illness for a child, few parents would have a plan of where they would stay or who would look after the siblings of the sick child. The priority becomes the child in hospital and thankfully Hugh's House provides invaluable help for families in these unfortunate situations.


Lynch, a mother of three who is currently completing her GP training, had the following to say in respect of the charity and the cycle:


As a doctor I see at first hand the stress and heartache that the parents of sick children have to endure and as a parent of 3 little girls I can only imagine how devastating this is. Parents also have the financial worry of taking time off work and looking after other children at home whilst finding somewhere to stay in Dublin. Hugh’s House makes a massive difference to these parents, accommodating them and looking after them in this terrible time.

I’m delighted to be involved with this fantastic charity and so excited to be riding the tandem with Claire, exactly 1 year after our Rio Olympics. Hopefully we will gel as quickly as we did in the boat and won’t be looking for some medical attention ourselves!!! Please support this brilliant cause and any advice from experienced tandem cyclists would be very welcome!


The Goal

Hugh’s House is an entirely volunteer driven charity. Each of the participating cyclists are self-funding their expenses, meaning all funds donated will go directly to the provision of services and the refurbishment of the family accommodation. Every euro will make a difference to the lives of families affected by a child’s illness.


The cycle aims to raise €40,000 which will fund an entire year of accommodation, food and related services for the hundreds of families who use this invaluable resource.


How you can help

There are a number of ways you can give your support to the Cycle for Hugh’s House:


Donate Online:


Get Involved: If you would like to get involved as a cyclist or corporate/jersey sponsor, please contact the cycle’s Founder and Co-Ordinator Feargal O’Shea at 085-776 2701 or

4th April, 2017

Clarity Annual Survey

Our annual Locum survey is now live.

We genuinely value your feedback and our objective is to improve our service for all our Locums.

One lucky participant will recieve a copy of Elaine Lorigan McSweeney's "Pharmacy Wizard" claims processing guide guide.

Click HERE to start.

23rd March, 2017

Cork CPD day a great success

Clarity Locums were in the rebel county yesterday for a CPD day on PCRS claims with Elaine Lorigan McSweeny of Pharmacy Wizard. Despite a persistent blizzard throughout the moring, over twenty pharmacists and technicians managed to attend the day-long event in the Kingsley Hotel. The day kicked off with a brief talk by Clarity Managing Director, Anthony O'Neill, where he outlined Clarity's plans for further CPD events throughout the year. Elaine then took over through to lunch outlining the mechanics of the claim. After lunch, there was a focus on rejections and resubmissions. Feedback on the day was unanimously positive. Plans are already underway for further events throughout the summer and the Clarity team is keen for suggestions from pharmacists and technicians who might have any novel ideas for further events. We are keen to work in non clinical area as we feel there is already an abundance of resources in this area.

In Cork yesterday were Anthony O'Neill, MD Clarity Locums and Elaine Lorigan McSweeny, Pharmacy Wizard

7th March, 2017

Cork Pharmacy Claims CPD day in conjunction with the Irish Association of Community Pharmacy Technicians

Following on from last week's successful event in Dublin, Clarity Locums is delighted to announce its Cork Pharmacy Claims CPD event in conjunction with Pharmacy Wizard and Elaine Lorigan McSweeney of the Irish Association of Community Pharmacy Technicians (IACPT). This event will take pharmacists and technicians through the entire claims process and how to deal with PCRS rejections. The course is a valuable CPD opportunity for any pharmacist or technician who may or may not have experience with the increasingly complex claims process. A firm grasp of the claims process is valuable knowledge for anyone who is considering a move to hospital pharmacy or to locum pharmacists considering a move to a permanent community job.

Elaine McSweeney will deliver the presentation on the day. Elaine has extensive experience in pharmacy claims and below is an excerpt from her LinkedIn profile:

"With over 20 years' experience in the Pharmacy Services sector, I have a well-rounded knowledge of how the business as a whole works. I possess sound business acumen and awareness of the need for constant vigilance in dispensary management, financial compliance and checking procedures in relation to all pharmacy aspects but particularly claims.
Currently managing the claims process for 80 pharmacies.
Claim rejections have improved from 16% loss to 0.14% in the 2.5 years I have been in this role.
I am responsible for training of all dispensary staff, including pharmacists and ensuring that the staff are claiming/reclaiming correctly."

The event takes place on Wednesday, 22nd of March at The Kingsley Hotel, Victoria Cross, Sunday's Well, Cork.

There is no charge for this event for pharmacists or technicians, however you must be registered with Clarity Locums to attend.

Sign up link:

3rd March, 2017

Clarity Locums Claims CPD day a success - Cork day to follow

Clarity Locums ran its first CPD day of 2017 Monday at Contracting Plus headquarters on Merrion Square. Attending were Pharmacists from all over Leinster who were interested brushing up their knowledge of the claims process while logging some valuable CPD hours.

Elaine Lorigan McSweeny and Anthony O'Neill at last Monday's CPD day

Elaine Lorigan McSweeny delivered the course which well received and lasted just over four hours. A mixture of Locums and Pharmacists who have just taken up supervising roles attended. While the subject matter was detailed and highly specialised, it was interesting and hugely beneficial for all those who participated. Nial Hayes from Contracting Plus gave a presentation of their locum solution and fielded questions from the group.

Nial Hayes of Contracting Plus

Feedback from attendees was very positive which, coupled with requests from Locums based in Cork, Waterford, and Kerry, has led the team at Clarity Locums to decide to hold a similar event on the 22nd of March in Cork City. If you're interested in attending, please get in touch as advance booking for the Cork CPD day is essential.

22nd February, 2017

Pharmacy Conferences – more than just sitting at presentations
I attend a lot of pharmacy events around the world. I attend these events not just because I enjoy the social aspects but because I learn so much about the wider profession. The information greatly benefits my professional practice and my experiences at these events have proven very useful when completing continuing professional development (CPD) cycles.
I will start this blog by telling you a story. On the closing morning of a pharmacy event abroad, I got chatting to some delegates about what they enjoyed most about the conference. One of the delegates said "It was OK, but I didn't like it that much". I then asked "What sessions did you not like? Did you go to any of the sessions in the afternoon some of the workshops were very interesting?" The delegate replied they hadn't attended any sessions and they just went sightseeing in the city instead. As you can imagine, I was dumbfounded that this person had decided the event was average despite not participating in the event at all.
Attending a pharmacy event is a lot like attending university in that you only get out of it what you put into it. If you attend a pharmacy event and simply sit in the corner of every room, don't talk to anyone and don't listen to anything, then chances are you're not going to get any benefit from attending the event.
As a young pharmacist or pharmacy student you're always going to be looking to expand your career and look for new employment opportunities or further study. If you attend pharmacy events, get involved and network with your fellow professionals – you never know who you are going to meet. 
Below is a handy list of upcoming pharmacy events suitable for students:
• The European pharmaceutical students Association (EPSA)
• 40th EPSA Annual Conference:
• 19th EPSA Summer University:
• 14th EPSA Autumn Assembly:
• International pharmaceutical students Federation (IPSF) IPSF World Congress Taiwan
List of up-and-coming pharmacy events for pharmacy professionals:
• Clarity Locums Pharmacy Claims CPD day – 27th February, 2017:
• Irish pharmacy union training events:
• Irish Pharmacy Union Annual Conference:
• International Pharmaceutical Federation (FIP) world pharmaceutical Congress:
• Clinical Pharmacy Congress London:
• 77th FIP World Congress:
• The Pharmacy Show Birmingham:
These events range from a few short hours up to five days. Perhaps consider starting out with a shorter, local event before moving on to the multi-day international events. This will allow you to hone your networking and CPD recording techniques before investing significant time, money and annual leave in a trip abroad.
I could include several quotes from different colleagues around the world about the benefits they have gained from attending pharmacy events but I have decide just to include one short one from a colleague in the United Kingdom.
"After just two EPSA events, I can honestly say my professional and social life have increased exponentially. Attending these events broadened both my pharmaceutical knowledge and understanding of others, and I have created great friendships along the way."
- A pre-registration Trainee Pharmacist UK
EPSA Autumn Assembly delegate 2016.
Once you have decided on attending an event it's time to prepare, I have completed a short guide on preparing for pharmacy events bellow. If you follow it closely it will help you get the most out of your time at the event.
Top tips for attending a pharmacy event.
• Research the events, understand what is going to be covered and the costs involved
• Research the companies and organisations attending to see if there are any particular ones you want to speak to. Most congresses and conferences nowadays have quite large exhibition areas with companies from all over the world. You might consider contacting these companies beforehand, especially if there is a specific point to discuss with them such as potential job opportunities or an experience (such as an adverse reaction etc) you had in the community that involved one of their products.
• Only book travel tickets and hotels once you have confirmation of registration from the event organisers – it can be very difficult to get refunds on travel and accommodation if an event is oversubscribed.
• Don't be afraid to take a bit of extra time before or after the conference to do a bit of a sightseeing.
• Remember to use social media during the conference. This is not just to tell your friends where you are, but this opens the opportunity to network with your fellow colleagues from around the world who are not attending the event.
Some possible drawbacks from attending pharmacy events:
• Financial cost: registration, flights and hotels can be quite expensive. Always ask for sponsorship from your company, organisation university etc.
• Time: Time taken out of annual leave to attend events. If you ask your company they may provide some an annual leave allowance especially if you present it as a CPD opporunity rather than a weekend away.
Positive aspects of attending pharmacy events:
• Learn about new initiatives in pharmacy, medications, advanced services, technologies etc.
• Networking opportunities with pharmacists from other countries, in other sectors and from your own speciality
• Develop soft skills: communication, public speaking, networking etc.
• Improve your CV
• Get to travel and see new countries.
• Most importantly – it's fun!
So, don't just take my word for it – start investigating today. There are still places left on Clarity Locums' Pharmacy Claims CPD day in Dublin next Monday – click here ( for more information.
Written by Brendan Murray, BSc, MPharm , MRPharmS, M.P.S.I.

16th February, 2017

Upcoming Pharmacy Claims CPD event
Clarity Locums is delighted to announce its Pharmacy Claims CPD event in conjunction with Contracting Plus and Elaine Lorrigan McSweeney. This event will take Locums through the entire claims process from start to finish, providing a valuable CPD opportunity for any Locum who has not found themselves exposed to the increasingly complex claims process. A firm grasp of the claims process is valuable knowledge for any pharmacist who considering a move to hospital pharmacy or to Locums considering a move into a permanent community job.
Elaine Lorrigan McSweeney will deliver the presentation on the day. Elaine has extensive experience in pharmacy claims and below is an excerpt from her LinkedIn profile:
"With over 20 years' experience in the Pharmacy Services sector, I have a well rounded knowledge of how the business as a whole works. I possess sound business acumen and awareness of the need for constant vigilance in dispensary management, financial compliance and checking procedures in relation to all pharmacy aspects but particularly claims. 
Currently managing the claims process for 80 pharmacies.
Claim rejections have improved from 16% loss to 0.14% in the 2.5 years I have been in this role.
I am responsible for training of all dispensary staff, including pharmacists and ensuring that the staff are claiming/reclaiming correctly."
The event will take place at Contracting Plus headquarters on 27th February from 12:30 to 17:30.
There is no charge for this event, however you must be registered with Clarity Locums to attend.
You can RSVP at the following link

2nd February, 2017

Continuing Professional Development for Pharmacists – an opportunity, not a burden

CPD is now compulsory for pharmacists in the Republic of Ireland and last year the Irish Institute of Pharmacy launched its CPD programme. Initially many pharmacists were worried about being called to present their CPD as the whole concept is very new to pharmacists in Ireland.

Many pharmacists have recorded their learning on paper format but they are now faced with the challenge of adapting to online storage of their CPD. CPD is not a new concept and pharmacists in other countries, such as the United Kingdom (where pharmacists must complete at least nine CPU cycles for every year of their registration), it has been in place for a number of years.

With a background working as a pharmacist in the UK, I have experienced both methods of recording CPD. I found the Irish IT system on the IIoP website very easy to use. The information is clearly laid out on the website is easy to navigate. Recently I asked my colleague, Dr. Catriona Bradley, Executive Director of the IIoP, what advice she would give pharmacists who are about to undertake CPD.

"I know that most pharmacists are constantly learning. It's a necessary part of our work. However we don't always plan our learning as well as we could or document it. The Regulatory requirements relating to pharmacist CPD mean that we now need to be able to provide evidence of how we plan our learning and how we use what we've learnt. The IIOP resources provide the framework which enables us to meet our regulatory requirements. But they also enable our own personal and professional growth. CPD is best viewed as an opportunity, not a burden. It is a means by which to progress your career or enhance your satisfaction and enjoyment of your current role. I'm very proud of the way in which the pharmacy profession in Ireland is embracing this new and innovative approach to CPD and I believe that pharmacists in other countries and other professions will follow our lead."

- Dr. Catriona Bradley

The core competencies for pharmacists are very important and every pharmacist should become familiar with them. A direct link can be found by clicking below. As Dr. Bradley mentioned above, the Core Competency Self Assessment Tool develop by the IIoP is a very useful tool and I would strongly recommend that every pharmacist considers utilising it. This personal resource for pharmacists can be found once you log in to your IIoP profile.

Top tips for CPD

Written by Brendan Murray
BSc, MPharm, MRPharmS, M.P.S.I.

23rd January, 2017

New training initiative from the Irish Pharmacy Union

Clarity Locums would like to highlight the latest training initiative being undertaken by the Irish Pharmacy Union. This training initiative is aimed at pharmacists entering the Irish system for the first time or who have taken an extended break from the profession.

The practice of the profession has changed enormously over the last decade and returning to it can be daunting, especially if there's a long gap in employment. For overseas pharmacists, getting to grips with the number of schemes, payments and legislative idiosyncracies can be a challenge. If you think the IPU's training can benefit you, we recommend checking out their website

Application forms and further details are available from the links below. Clarity Locums would also like to take this opportunity to highlight our own in-house training services for dispensary system training. We run this training each evening from 6 to 8 on our Baggot Street offices - you can book yourself in for a session at the following link:

12th December, 2016

Excellent Pharmacist Academy collaboration
Clarity Locums is pleased to announce its collaboration with Excellent Pharmacist Academy. Excellent Pharmacist Academy was founded by pharmacist Ayo Onamusi and aims to provide overseas trained pharmacists and pharmacists looking to change careers with the necessary training and knowledge on community pharmacy practice in Ireland. Ayo has over 10 years of community pharmacy experience in Ireland and has worked in various community pharmacy setups. Training courses will be provided from Clarity Locums' offices in Dublin and Belfast, with both Excellent Pharmacist Academy and Clarity Locums providing ongoing support to participants as they transition in to the increasingly complex Irish community system.
Speaking at last Saturday's course, Clarity Locums Managing Director Anthony O'Neill said "Clarity Locums has placed a real focus on training for the last two years since we launched our training center. Our focus on training and our quality system has helped build strong links with pharmacy owners across Ireland. The Clarity team is looking forward to working with Ayo throughout 2017". Ayo added "Both myself and Anthony recognise the importance of quality training in order to both protect and empower overseas pharmacists, especially in the early part of their career. I am delighted to be working closely with another pharmacist founded and led company. It is early days for Excellent Pharmacist Academy but the first few training days have gone remarkably well so I am optimistic for further uptake in 2017, especially from pharmacy owners looking to train up new members of staff." 
Excellent pharmacist Academy is now taking bookings for training dates in January and February 2017. Full details can be found at the following link - Find the Excellent Pharmacist Academy on Facebook by clicking this link

1st December, 2016

Announcing Clarity Locums UK

Following on from Saturday's Pharmacist Awards the Clarity team have been hard at work on even more developments. Clarity Locums is pleased to announce the opening of its second office in Belfast. Based on Botanic Avenue, the Clarity Office is located in the heart of Belfast city and is in close proximity to Queen's university. Clarity Locums is now the only locum pharmacist agency operating across Ireland, Northern Ireland, and mainland Britain.

Belfast pharmacist Kevin O'Neill joins the expanding Clarity team as managing director of the UK office where he will work alongside Clarity Co-Founder and Chief Technical Officer Eamonn Hynes. Speaking at the launch, Eamonn said "given our strong growth over the past two years in the South we felt that the next logical step was a move to the UK. We plan on replicating our fast, easy-to-use, app-enabled platform and are committed to aligning Clarity to the way pharmacies operate today and into the future"

Clarity now offers our high quality, pharmacist-led service to all pharmacists and pharmacy owners across the UK. A drop in training center is in place at our Botanic Avenue office and our doors are always open for any pharmacist looking to make the move to the next stage in their career.

Visit our website here:

28th November, 2016

Clanwilliam Pharmacist awards

The Clarity Locums team attended last Saturday's Clanwilliam Pharmacist awards at Dublin city's Mansion House. The awards ceremony is the highlight of the pharmacy social calendar and this year did not disappoint. A full house were treated to the comic genius of Today FM's Matt Cooper who MC'd the event.

This year, Clarity Locums were honored to sponsor the inaugural "Excellence in Locum Pharmacy" award. This was a keenly contested category and entries were recieved from all over the country and included nominations from both the hospital and community pharmacy sectors. The entries where distilled down to two finalists: Lorraine Ward and Sharon Commins. On the night Lorraine edged out Sharon to clinch the award. Lorraine was delighted to receive such a prestigious award at such an early stage in her career, and we are sure that more awards await for Lorraine as she progresses through the community pharmacy ranks.
Matt Cooper, Ultan Molloy and Anthony O'Neill presenting Lorraine Ward with the Clanwilliam Excellence in Locum Pharmacy award
Eamonn Hynes, Wioletta Tometczak, Claire Timmon and Anthony O'Neill at last Saturday's awards
There were a number of other awards, with Clarity clients Adrienne Stack of Stack's Pharmacy Group receiving the "Pharmacist Contribution to the Community" Award and Kathy Maher receiving both the "Pharmacist of the Year" and "Excellence in Community Pharmacy" awards. Special mention must also be made for Anne Mooney who received the "Liz Herbert Memorial Lifetime Achievement" Award. Anne addressed the entire gathering with a rousing speech which gave the entire group a great perspective on her outstanding career, the hospital pharmacy sector and the challenges ahead.
The dinner, awards ceremony, and after party were a huge success, with the new Award Committee Chairperson, Ultan Molloy, seamlessly taking the reigns this year and ensuring everything went off without single glitch. The success of the evening will ensure that the "Pharmacy Benevolent Fund" is supported in it's tireless work throughout the year. As we move towards the festive season, Clarity Locums asks all our clients to consider making a contribution towards the Benevolent Fund. Donations can be made at the link below:

17th November, 2016

Feature update: on-call functionality now available for all Locums

Clarity Locums launched Ireland's first app enabled locum agency in February 2012. Since then we have tirelessly striven for excellence through innovation. In 2013 our timesheets went paperless. In 2014 we opened Ireland's first locum training center in conjunction with Helix Health and TouchStore. In 2015 we introduced contracting and weekly payroll for all pharmacy professionals. Already this year we have developed a comprehensive learning package and screening test for Locums in partnership with Caroline Hogg MPSI of PharmaConsult.

As 2016 draws to a close we still have a couple of surprises to look forward to, the first of which was launched today. From today, Locums who use our app can go "on-call" - this will ensure that if you are on a day off and want to be the first to notified about emergency bookings in your area you can simply flick a switch on your home screen. The staff in our office will be notified and will know to contact you straight away if a client has an urgent locum requirement.

This feature was implemented after a pharmacy intern suggested it to us at our recent pre-reg exam party! We're always looking for new features to improve our service to both Locums and Clients. If you have any suggestions or feedback for our team please email or call our Managing Director, Anthony O'Neill, directly at or 086 1999703

28th October, 2016

Clarity Recruitment launch

Clarity Locums is pleased to announce the launch of it's new sister business Clarity Recruitment. Clarity Locums has teamed up with leading life sciences consultancy, McGee Pharma International, to form Clarity Recruitment. Clarity Recruitment is focussed on recruitment for the pharmaceutical, life sciences, food & beverage and medical devices sectors. Clarity will continue to offer its industry-leading community pharmacist recruitment service at 

Mark Tierney FIRP is on board as lead consultant for all pharma recruitment, and he looks forward to working with all of Clarity's clients here in Ireland and abroad. Mark has over 12 years' experience working in the life sciences sector and has a remarkable record of success in placing candidates at all levels from entry to CEO. 

If you or anyone in your network is seeking help filling specialised roles that require expertise and knowledge, don't hesitate to get in touch with Clarity and we'll be happy to collaborate with you to find the best-fit candidate. 

21st October, 2016

Clanwilliam "Excellence in Locum Pharmacy" Award

Last night our Managing Director, Anthony O'Neil, attended the shortlist announcements for the Clanwilliam Pharmacist Awards. Over the last five years Clarity Locums has developed an unrivaled reputation for providing high quality locums across Ireland. As we approach our sixth year in business we are delighted to to underpin our commitment to quality by sponsoring the "Excellence in Locum Pharmacy" award.

Anthony O'Neill, MD, at last night's announcements

This year, two pharmacists were shortlisted for the Excellence in Locum Pharmacy Award, namely Lorraine Ward and Sharon Commins. Speaking at the shortlisting event, Lorraine said she was "overwhelmed, humbled and very happy" by the nomination. Sharon wasn't able to make the event, but said she was honoured to be shortlisted. 
Clarity is looking forward to the the awards night in Dublin's Mansion House on Saturday the 26th of November at which all the category winners will be announced. The night promises to be one of the highlights of the pharmacy calendar and is in aid of a great cause with record funds set to be raised for the Pharmacy Benevolent Fund.

11th October, 2016

Thank you from Clarity Locums

Many thanks for helping make last Saturday night's drinks reception a huge success. It was fantastic to meet everyone and the team here are looking forward to seeing you pass your PRE and join the PSI register in the coming weeks. Clarity Locums has a number of supports in place to help you transition from your internship to the regisiter.

Step 1 - Sign up

First of all you need to sign up as a Locum. You can sign up straight away and locum as a technician until you join the register on the first of December. Sign up to Clarity Locums.

Step 2 - Dispensary system training

Clarity Locums offers training on both QicScript and TouchStore dispensing systems. You can book yourself in for a time that suits you at the link below. Book yourself in for QicScript/TouchStore training

Step 3 - Download our training package

Clarity Locums provides all locums with a training package - this training package covers a wide array of subjects from the community drug schemes right up to CPD requirements for pharmacists. This material would be particulary useful for pharmacists who did a hospital or hospital/industry internship. Download the training package material.

Step 4 - Take our MCQ test

Once you have studied our training package you can complete our 50 question multiple choice test to see where you stand. Please put 45-50 minutes aside for this test. Take our locum knowledge test [Note that you need to sign up to be able to take the test]

Step 5 - Find your perfect job

If you are looking for full-time, part-time or contract jobs, Clarity Locums can help you find the role that is perfect for you. We work with the large chains, pharmacy groups and independent pharmacy owners. You can browse our latest jobs below or call the office on 01 532 5441 where one of the team will help you find exactly what you are looking for. View our latest support pharmacist jobs list.

28th September, 2016

Clarity Locums post-exam party
Clarity Locums is delighted to announce its sponsorship a post-exam party for all pre-reg pharmacists taking exams on Saturday 8th October. We'll be at the Hairy Lemon pub ( on Stephen Street Lower on Saturday from 7:30pm. Join us for free drinks and finger food where you can meet with your classmates and network informally with pharmacy peers. Advance booking is essential and you can register at our EventBrite page.
This is the perfect opportunity to kick off your night and we'll be happy to meet with you and introduce our service to all pre-reg pharmacists who are considering working as a Locum Pharmacist or are seeking full-time opportunities in Ireland or the UK.

29th August, 2016

Overseas and Newly Qualified Locum Training

Clarity Locums is delighted to launch their overseas and newly qualified locum training package. This package has been developed in conjunction with Pharma Consult, Ireland's leading community pharmacy regulatory compliance and practice advice consultancy. Pharmacists signed up with Clarity have exclusive access to this training package through our Staff Development and Training Pages:

This comprehensive training package covers the following areas:

·         The regulation and management of medicinal products

·         The regulation and management of controlled drugs

·         The regulation and management of animal remedies

·         Other relevant legislation (includes info on generics/ reference pricing, methylated spirits and      poisons)

·         Pharmacy Act and PSI

·         Relevant Bodies

·         CPD requirements for pharmacists

·         Registration with the PSI

·         Irish pharmacy prescription types and national schemes

We welcome any feedback from pharmacists. If there are any other areas you would like to see covered, please let us know.

This training package enables pharmacists who trained overseas to get up-to-speed on all Irish schemes and all regulatory requirements. In addition to this training material, Clarity Locums provides one-to-one training sessions on Irish dispensary systems from our Baggot Street office. Pre-booking is required.

19th August, 2016

Pharmacy refrigeration expertise with ACE Medical

ACE Medical is a leading supplier of pharmacy refrigeration products in Ireland. ACE products provide superior performance, security and reliability for the storage of medicines and are suitable the use in pharmacies, hospitals and in medical practices. ACE's commitment is to provide the best quality equipment and service at competitive prices.

ACE understand the importance of good technical and after-sales support and their experienced engineers are trained to resolve your queries efficiently and quickly. ACE's highly knowledgeable staff can advise you on the best equipment and ongoing maintenance options to assist you in complying with all regulatory requirements and industry standards.

• Quality
Quality workmanship and material is ACE's highest priority and all products are manufactured using the highest quality material.

• Performance
The focus is always on supplying the most up to date equipment in terms of design and functionality, with a strong emphasis on energy savings and mission-critical reliability.

• Design
ACE refrigeration products have been tried and tested in the market for many years and provide reliability, peace of mind and many years of trusted use.

If you would are fitting out a new pharmacy or are upgrading your existing pharmacy, talk to ACE Medical directly or have a chat with anyone on the Clarity team who will be happy to provide you with the necessary information.

Finally, ACE Medical is offering all Clarity Clients a 10% discount on Calibration Health checks if they use the promotional code: claritylocums

Unit J9-J12
Greenogue Business Park
Rathcoole Co. Dublin

01 401 3050

26th July, 2016

Improvements to job application process
Clarity Locums is pleased to announce the launch of its new and improved job application process which is faster, easier-to-use and has a number of new features, including a unique make-an-offer feature which will make it easier to find Locum cover for difficult to fill days.
The new system is designed to overcome many of the time-consuming drawbacks that can be experienced by both Locums and Clients. From today, a number of jobs will allow Locums to not just apply for a day, but to apply with a suggested rate that they are willing to work for. This will streamline our communications, avoid unnecessary communications between Clarity and the Locum community and enable Clients to make better decisions and get better and speedier results.
The make-an-offer feature is optional and is activated on agreement with the Client for the purposes of filling difficult days such as Saturdays, bank holidays, emergency bookings, holiday periods, unsocial hours, difficult postings, etc. At the moment, the make-an-offer feature is only enabled on our website but will be rolled out across our Android and Apple apps over the coming days. 
We are keen to hear of any feedback that Locums or Clients may have, so if you have any thoughts on this new system please let us know by dropping us an email or calling into our Baggot Street offices.

15th June, 2016

Introducing PharmaConsult

PharmaConsult is an independent consultancy company established by Caroline Hogg MPSI. It offers expert regulatory compliance and practice review and development services to patient facing pharmacists and pharmacy and healthcare organisations throughout Ireland.

Pharmaconsult's expertise is provided by lead pharmacist consultant Caroline Hogg. Caroline will bring over 15 years regulatory and pharmacy practice experience to your pharmacy. Caroline's experience spans the PSI, community and hospital pharmacy. Caroline's roles at the PSI included pharmacy inspector, practice development specialist and project manager. Caroline has also chaired expert groups on pharmacy practice and led the development of European professional standards. She is passionate about pharmacy, particularly about improving standards and patient care, through training, audit and optimising pharmacy services.

What PharmaConsult can do for you
Caroline supports and enables pharmacists and pharmacy owners to optimise patient care, develop pharmacy services and meet regulatory and compliance standards.
Compliance services minimise risk and improve regulatory compliance thereby reducing the likelihood of negative patient, reputational or regulatory consequences for your pharmacy.
Practice development and training services optimise the pharmacy’s efficiency, safety and regulatory compliance and can improve and expand pharmacy services for the benefit of both pharmacists and patients.
Caroline will work closely with you to tailor any of PharmaConsult’s services to your pharmacy’s needs.

Core Services

- PSI pre-inspection audits: Caroline completes mock inspections and provides verbal and written suggestions for improvement. Audits are available for both established and new pharmacies
- Inspection response: Advice and assistance with responding to inspection, investigation and fitness to practice reports
- New inspection policy: With the introduction of the new inspection policy, advice on the changes and assistance with completion of the new self-assessment tool can be provided

Practice Development
- Quality management systems (QMS): Caroline assists with introducing or updating QMS. As part of this process she reviews and updates pharmacies processes and procedures to ensure they are practical, safe and meet regulatory requirements
- Practice review and development: Review and the provision of advice on all areas of pharmacy practice, e.g. prescription services or pharmacy management
- Implementing pharmacy services: Assistance with introducing and updating pharmacy’s services, including vaccination, emergency medicine and monitored dosage system services
- Medication management: Residential care home medication management training, advice and suggestions tailored to your needs is available

Caroline provides pharmacist and pharmacy staff training -
    - Areas of expertise include regulatory compliance, pharmacy practice and pharmacy and medicines legislation
    - Topics include understanding PSI inspection and guideline requirements and understanding pharmacy regulation and legislation

Further Information
Please don’t hesitate to call or email if you would like information on any of PharmaConsult's services or if you have any questions on what we can do for you.

Further information on PharmaConsult's services and on Caroline's experience is also available on PharmaConsult's website.

Phone: 087 4198376

9th June, 2016

Update on SOP documents

Last week's Preliminary Proceedings Committee report for 2015 had a number of points of interest, perhaps most notable was an almost 50% reduction in the number of complaints received. This reduction is a welcome development and is reflective of the consistently high standards of patient and customer care provided by pharmacists across the country. Clarity would like to draw both locums and clients attention to the specific mention given to the importance of having a concise locum SOPs available for locum pharmacists.

For a number of years now, we have had a SOP system integrated into our website that allows all clients to upload their locum SOP's and Locums to study SOP documents in advance of their arrival at the specific pharmacy location. This is particularly important in the case of Locum Pharmacists working at a location for the first time. In the event of any questions or queries, we actively ensure that the Pharmacist and the Client are linked in so that any such questions can be answered well in advance. It's worth reiterating that SOP documents are private to each individual pharmacy and only those Locums who are assigned to that particular pharmacy can access the private document. Once the last scheduled shift is complete, the document becomes inaccessible.

At present, the uploading of SOP documents is an optional feature for clients. Clarity urges all clients to upload SOPs to their account as sometimes SOPs may not be read upon arrival, especially if it's a particularly busy day.

Below is an extract from the report relating to locum SOP's:

"Locum Staff

The PPC has noticed that where locum staff are working in pharmacies on a temporary basis,
it is vital for the pharmacy to have well drafted and tailored Standard Operating Procedures
in place regarding the safe operation of the pharmacy to assist the locum pharmacist in
providing seamless and consistent care to patients. Locum pharmacists should be provided
with concise information relevant to their role."

The full PPC annual report is available from the PSI website via:

Also see:

If you have any questions or queries regarding our SOP system, don't hesitate to phone or email the office where one of the Clarity team will be able to help you.

27th May, 2016

Clarity Locums sponsors "Excellence in locum Pharmacy Award"

In conjunction with Clanwilliam Pharmacist Awards, we are delighted to announce a new award category for this year's ceremony: The Excellence in Locum Pharmacy Award.

Proudly sponsored by Clarity Locums, the award recognises a pharmacist working as a full time locum pharmacist whose activities in the course of their professional duties and development is judged to be the most commendable. This award is open to pharmacists who locum in either the community or hospital sectors.

Nominations for this category, as well as all other award categories, are now open and can be made here.

Don't forget that the 2016 Clanwilliam Pharmacist Awards, in aid of the Pharmacy Benevolent Fund, will be held on November 26th in the Mansion House, Dublin 2. For all information, please visit

"The important work of the Pharmacy Benevolent Fund is strongly supported by the proceeds from the Clanwilliam Pharmacist Awards. We are extremely grateful to all sponsors, volunteers, attendees and those who support the awards in any way. We extend our warm congratulations to all winners." – Rory O'Donnell, President of the Pharmacy Benevolent Fund

The Pharmacy Benevolent Fund supports members of the pharmacist community in need of assistance. In the past, the Benevolent Fund has provided support to a variety of recipients in need, from those unable to work following an illness or unexpected death of a family member to those requiring financial aid after retirement.

The Benevolent Fund also extends its support beyond the pharmacy community and includes cases from members and their families across the Healthcare Industry as a whole.

It is the generosity and mutual support of everyone in this unique and socially inclusive community that makes such support possible and it is a credit to Irish pharmacists

18th May, 2016
Introducing PharmaBuddy, a new, pharmacist-exclusive meeting place for all things pharmacy related in Ireland. As pharmacists, we often operate in isolation to our professional peers and the useful information, knowledge, know-how and expertise that we have can remain in siloed away. An online, efficient tool that facilitates better communication and knowledge sharing between pharmacists makes it far easier for us to operate more efficiently and realise our full professional potential.


Born from the frustration of working with non-pharmacist colleagues along with there often being no practical and/or immediate way of getting another pharmacist’s second opinion, PharmaBuddy enables Pharmacists to support each other in an informal, social setting that values professional integrity, friendliness openness and facilitates peer support in the profession. Professional accreditation is required to register with PharmaBuddy and there's a common sense attitude to all discussion with strict pharmacist-led intervention as needs be.
One of the key areas of focus for PharmaBuddy is continuous professional development (CPD). We believe in pharmacists' ability to educate each other and that there's a huge amount of knowledge within the Irish pharmacy community. 
Launched on May 1st, is a free resource which provides an invaluable tool for pharmacists at all levels.
PharmaBuddy enables you to:
- Access and discuss important information regarding CPD cycles 
- Chat about many topics including: Regulatory requirements, medicine shortages, claims processing, etc.
- Access useful reference resources such as LTI and HT medicines lists
Click here to sign up to

11th May, 2016

Some thoughts on day-to-day efficiency in the dispensary

With the increasing pace and pressures being placed on pharmacists we can sometimes forget to take a step back and look at how to improve efficiency. Below are some efficiency tips that a Client recently sent us and we'd like to share with you. If you'd like to share similar efficiency tips with us, we'd love to hear from you!


For fast access to a phone/fax numbers you need, use the dispensing software as a phonebook. Create a patient entry for the people/business you need like local doctors, Sundrelle, PCRS, local doctors, Clarity Locums, etc. You can take it further with account numbers information, or Enbrel reordering information


Attach them to the back of GMS scripts which have to be shredded later anyway. Turns two tasks into one, or worse, stops people throwing unshredded labels in the normal bin.


Only the top left corner has any confidential data. It's really easy to rip off that small corner and you can even shred it by hand in two or three rips. It's much easier than a lot of people think and it stops confidential data going straight in the bin unshredded.



To be more efficient, keep your hands on the keyboard. Learn the short keys (CTRL T for MPS patient history reports) rather than using the mouse.


When searching for patient names, don't be too specific. The first 3 letters of first name and surname is enough to find nearly all patients, but will also find most misspellings too. This way, duplicate entries can be avoided. or discovered. e.g. search DEB, MUR and you might find that the patient is in twice as "Deborah Murphy" and "Debra Murphy".


Tie one set of stationary down (if you're tired of running back and forth looking for it).


To avoid confusion regarding the right change at the till (or to avoid chancers who pretend they gave you more), instead of putting the incoming note straight in to the till, place it on the keyboard until the transaction is complete. That way you can refer back and know for sure what you took in. "Didn't I give you a €20". "No. It was a tenner. Here it still is".


Use a daily diary. They're unbelievably helpful.


If you've ever had the date change on your computer to a different month by accident (or perhaps when someone wants to check when they're on their holidays), you'll know it can cause a mess with the dispensing software and the claim (which both now think it's in a different month). We were advised by our software provider to remove the clock from the toolbar to avoid this.

5th May, 2016

Summer relief work with Clarity Locums

Clarity is seeking Pharmacists who are free from May to October to join our team of Locums. This is a great opportunity for Locums who have the summer off from college or seek a flexible roster over the summer to work around holidays and other commitments.

What we offer:

• Flexible roster: 27 to 36 hours guaranteed

• Rates of €25 to €40 ph - we do not expect any Locums to work for €21 to €22 ph

• Monthly or weekly payroll

• Nationwide bookings for chains and independents

• Expenses and mileage claimable via our contracting • All bookings easily managed via our app

• Full training provided for all Pharmacists who've come from abroad/hospital background/industry background

If you're interested in working more closely with Clarity this summer or have any questions don't hesitate to call the office on 01 5325441 or drop in to us at 93 Baggot Street where the Clarity team will be happy to go through all opportunities currently available.

If you are not signed up with Clarity yet you can do so at the link below.

Locum sign up

22nd April, 2016

Pharmacist Awards 2016
Clarity Locums is delighted to announce its sponsorship of the Locum category at this year's Pharmacist Awards. The Locum award gives recognition to an outstanding Locum Pharmacist whose activities in the course of their professional duties and development is judged to be the most commendable. Nominations for the award are open to any Pharmacist who locums in either the community or hospital sectors.

Speaking at the launch of this year's awards, Anthony O'Neill, Managing Director of Clarity Locums, said he envisaged that this will be a highly competitive category. "I know first-hand of hundreds of Locums who have worked with Clarity over the last number of years who would be excellent candidates for this award. I would encourage all our Clients and Locums to give some thought to nominating any Locum they feel would be deserving".

Entries are now open and you can nominate Locums at the following link:

16th April, 2016

United Drug Pharmacy Show 2016

Another exceptional year for Clarity at the United Drug Pharmacy Show. It was great to chat to all our Clients, especially new Clients who came from all over the country. It's always good to put faces to names and Claire, Anthony and Eamonn were very pleased to chat about our service and demo Clarity's high quality, highly responsive offering that is easy-to-use, simple and reliable.

We look forward to continued partnership with United Drug and look forward to an even brighter year ahead.

7th April, 2016

United Drug Pharmacy Show

Clarity looks forward to this year's United Drug Pharmacy Show.

Come meet the team at our stand at the United Drug Pharmacy Show 2016. We look forward to meeting all our Clients and getting to know the needs, opportunities and challenges of the marketplace.

Last year's event was a huge success for Clarity and we expect this year's event to be even more fruitful.


Sunday - 9am to 6pm, Aviva Stadium

Sunday night - Intercontinental Hotel, Ballsbridge

Monday - 9am to 6pm, Aviva Stadium

Monday night - Intercontinental Hotel, Ballsbridge

Tuesday - 9am to 4pm, Aviva Stadium

Come chat to us at our stand. You'll also find us on the official United Drug Exhibitor App which works on iPhone and Android.

11th March, 2016

New referral scheme - up to €150


Thank you to all Locums who referred pharmacists to us last summer. €20 'One 4 All' vouchers were sent as promised! This summer we're running a bigger and better referral scheme. So if you know any fellow Pharmacists seeking work, simply refer them to us and should they be successful in gaining a locum placement through Clarity we will send you a €20 voucher! Simply send them the link below and ask them to mention you in the referral field.

Clarity also recruit for full-time positions nationwide. This summer, we are pleased to announce the launch of our €150 'One 4 All' voucher bonus for any successful candidates referred to us for full-time positions.

If you or any pharmacist you know is interested in full time or part time pharmacy roles, you can check out our latest job listings by clicking the following link:

4th March, 2016

National pharmacy question


Clarity Locums, in conjunction with a leading market research firm, are participating in a nationwide poll next week. Clarity Locums have sponsored one question slot and would like locum and clients to consider what they would ask the nation about pharmacy in 2016. The best question will be selected the the data collected will be presented on our blog and newsletters in the coming weeks.
"If you could ask the nation one question about how they view pharmacy in 2016 what would it be?"
Please email all suggestions directly to

25th February, 2016

Communication skills CPD evening
Last night's continuous professional development evening was a great success for all involved. Locums were treated to three talks centred around the theme of communication skills. 
The guest speakers were Rachel Dungan (Pharmacy4front), Michael McGinty (Clarity Resourcing) and Emma Pleass (Emma Pleass Associates). Talk topics included: "improving the impact of your communications", "interview skills" and "retail skills". Clarity's team identified these topics as being important to both clients and locums alike.
Speaking at last night's event, Anthony O'Neill, Managing Director of Clarity Locums, said "Clarity Locums is focussed on improving Locums' access to further training and we are committed to helping all Pharmacists to perform at the highest levels. Some Locums can get left behind if they don't have access to the same career path and training opportunities as employee pharmacists. Clarity has decided to actively promote and encourage the career progression for all its locums. Locums must be empowered to make improvements to their professional practice and communication skills is a great start. Improving communication skills is an area that everyone can improve on no matter what stage they are at in their career." Clarity are planning on further training and CPD events later in the year so stay tuned.

12th February, 2016

Announcing Clarity's CPD Evening

CPD evening - 24th February, 2016

Clarity Locums is delighted to announce its first CPD evening. Following feedback from both Locums and Clients throughout last year, and by analysing the results of our recent survey, we have decided to host a continuous professional development course with a focus on communication skills. The event will take place on the evening of Wednesday the 24th of February in our head office on Lower Baggot Street. 

Clarity has assembled a high quality panel of speakers with decades of experience in retail pharamcy, pharmaceutical sales and management of a large pharmacy group. The speakers will focus on areas such as: retail sales skills, interview skills, increasing your impact and influence, interpersonal skills, leadership and teamwork. 

This evening is ideal for any pharmacist seeking to improve their skills, upgrade their marketability and gain recognition for their up-skilling efforts. As the retail pharmacy space and the Irish jobs market in general becomes increasingly competitive, it is increasingly important for many to continually sharpen non-professional skills so as to survive and thrive in the new marketspace. Places on the course are limited, so please register below as soon as possible. 


The CPD evening takes place on February 24th from 7pm to 9pm at 93 Lower Baggot Street, Dublin 2


Rachel Dungan

"Skills to Increase your Impact and Influence"

Rachel is a pharmacist with 20 years' experience in hospital and community pharmacy. She creates and delivers training programmes accredited by the PSI, the IIOP, IPU Academy and FETAC/QQI and offers coaching and mentoring services to support pharmacists with CPD and OSCE preparation.

She is founder of 4Front Pharmacy Solutions which provides training and coaching services to pharmacists and pharmacies enabling them to grow their influence, personal and team performance, overcome fear, conflict and inter-personal challenges and harness new opportunities.

Rachel’s expertise supports them to implement new initiatives; adapt to change; protect data assets; support patient-centred care and expand the role of pharmacists as the “go to” centre of excellence at the heart of their communities.

In recognition of her pioneering work as 'The Pharmacist Coach', Rachel was recently recognised by the International Coaching Federation as Ireland’s Life and Wellness Coach of the Year 2015.

Michael McGinty

"Interview skills"

A professional pharmacist with strong business acumen and a track record of success both in Ireland and the UK. A business leader, coach and human resource practitioner with a focus on continuous personal development. A motivational multi-site leader, responsible for implementing and sustaining key change management programmes. A skilled communicator with a track record for engaging, motivating and influencing audiences of all levels, including organizing and delivering at retail strategy conferences. A trained negotiator who has delivered win/win solutions in challenging industrial relations environments.

Emma Pleass

"Retail communication skills"

Since graduating from TCD with a degree in Microbiology, Emma has spent 17 years working for global pharmaceutical companies including GSK, Sanofi & Eli Lilly. 

Initially working as a sales representative she developed extensive experience in the fields of sales, marketing, sales management and coaching for performance. As a training manager she was responsible for the strategic planning and implementation of training including training needs analysis, communication skills, leadership development & change management. She has spent time based in Brussels as a global training manager for GSK. 

In 2010, motivated by a passion for people development, she established her training and development company, Emma Pleass & Associates, offering bespoke, commercially focussed training solutions and coaching. 

Anthony O'Neill

"Closing remarks"

Anthony is Managing Director at Clarity Locums, the fastest growing pharmacy recruitment agency in the country. In just over four years, Clarity has gone from strength to strength by offering a market-leading service that is highly responsive, cost-effective and easy-to-use. Clients (big and small) from all over the country prefer doing business with Clarity and the agency is now one of the largest agencies in the country, has thousands pharmacy professionals on its books and offers a high quality, fast, efficient and effective service. 

Registration for this event is easy, simply register here:

8th February, 2016

Update on some of our new initiatives

Having analysed the output of our recent survey, Clarity is pleased to announce the launch of a number of new initiatives, including:

- New Staff Development and Training Services. For a full list of the services available to all Pharmacists, Technicians and Counter Staff, please see the new section to our website: here.

- Continuing Professional Development (CPD) Evening - open to all Pharmacists seeking to upskill. Full details here.

- New live chat support - we are committed to providing a high quality, responsive, fast and efficient service. As always, you can continue to contact us via phone, email, app and social media. But now you can also live chat with us!

2nd February, 2016

Secure more locum work with Clarity

January and February are the quietest months of the year for Locum pharmacists. This quiet period is particularly tough for newly qualified pharmacists after the extremely busy Christmas period who find themselves competing against more seasoned professionals. There are however a couple of simple steps all Locums can take to improve the likelihood of securing work.

-          Whitelist emails – sometimes agencies can have their email blacklisted by email providers due to the volume of emails that go out between newsletters, jobs bulletins and job confirmations. One way to avoid important job bulletin emails ending up in your spam folder is to add Clarity's email to your whitelist. Many Locums automatically filter all emails from into a separate folder so they can browse through them when it's convenient for them.

-          Smartphone app – the quickest and most efficient way to apply for and keep track of locum days is to use the Clarity Locums smartphone app.

-          Push notifications – As soon as a day is added to our database a push notification is sent out to all subscribers using our app, this gives subscribers a huge advantage over Locums relying on traditional methods such as email or text. You can also select the areas and days of the week that you want to work to ensure you only get notified about days you are interested in.

-          Email your availability – email to let us know your availability, this will also increase the likelihood of us contacting you when days become available. We always operate a careful matching process when assigning Locums: drop us a quick phone call and we'll keep you in mind when we're matching Locums to our Client locations.

-          Preferences section – update the preferences section of your locum account to ensure you only get emails and notifications about days that you are interested in.

-          Expand your dispensing system knowledge – take advantage of the quiet time to do some shadowing with systems you don’t know. Schedule an appointment to come in to Clarity Locums for a TouchStore Rx or QicScript Tutorial.

If you have any questions please feel free to email Anthony or Claire on the emails listed above or call 01-5325441.

Click here to book yourself in for a dispensing software training session.

13th January, 2016

Locum Annual Survey

Our annual locum survey is now live.

We value your feedback and want to help make 2016 a great year for all our locums.

Click HERE to start.

One lucky repondant will win a E100 All-for-All voucher!

24th December, 2015

Clarity wishes all our Locums a Merry Christmas and a happy and prosperous 2016

Clarity Locums would like to thank you for your continued support and hard work throughout 2015. We look forward to an even better 2016 and hope that you will be part of our continued success.

In lieu of sending Christmas cards this year, Clarity Locums has made a donation to the Pharmacy Benevolent fund.

The Clarity Team

Clarity Locums
93 Baggot Street
Dublin 2

17th December, 2015

Merry Christmas from the Clarity Team

Clarity wishes all our Clients, Locums and Pharmacy Staff a happy Christmas and a prosperous new year.

If you need cover for the Christmas period, please contact us as soon as possible. We are very busy at present and more notice than normal is required for the next couple of weeks as people plan for the holiday period.

There will be emergency cover via email and phone throughout the Christmas holidays.

Our office and training centre opening hours are as follows:
Thu 24th - 9-5
Fri 25th - Closed
Sat 26th - Closed
Sun 27th - Closed
Mon 28th - 9-5
Tue 29th - 9-8
Wed 30th - 9-8
Thu 31st - 9-5
Fri 1st - Closed
Sat 2nd - 11-3
Sun 3rd - Closed
Mon 4th - Normal business hours resume

If you're considering hiring a Pharmacist or Pharmacy Staff in the new year, don't hesitate to get in touch. We'll be glad to speak to you in confidence about your pharmacy's needs. We have a number of Pharmacists interested in seeking new opportunities in 2016.

Finally, anyone who referred a Locum should have received their "One for All" voucher by now. Please get in touch if you haven't and we'll get it in the post for you ASAP.

19th November, 2015

November update

Did you know that you can easily filter all communications you receive from Clarity Locums? This can be done here, or from the preferences section of our app.

Locums can filter based on location preferences, dispensing systems you are comfortable with, rate of pay and day of the week. This ensures that you receive only the highest quality communications and that chatter from Clarity Locums is kept to a minimum. 

We communicate with our Locums through email, SMS and app-based notifications. We also have very active social media presence. It's very important to us to keep all communications channels active so as to continue to make Clarity Locums the easiest, fastest and simplest place to find out about Locum opportunities, full-time job openings and other pharmacy-related information.

11th November, 2015

Locum Evening

Last night's Locum Evening was a wonderful success and we hope the broad panel of speakers was both informative and entertaining! Thanks to all the speakers and to the Clarity team for all their hard work. We'll certainly be having another event this time next year and we're giving strong consideration to running another Locum evening early in 2016. Please let us know if you have any thoughts or ideas.

If you were unable to make it last Tuesday we have a reocrdiing of the live webcast embded below.


Anthony O'Neill, Managing Director, at last night's Locum Evening. 

10th November, 2015

Tonight's Locum Evening

A quick reminder about tonight's Locum Evening. All newly-qualified and experienced Pharmacists and Technicians are welcome to attend. We'll be kicking things off at 6:30pm from Dublin's Mont Clare hotel. We have an excellent selection of speakers lined up (details here: and we hope that you will find the broad range of topics of interest as you begin your career. If you're not in Dublin tonight, don't worry - the event will be streamed live on The Clarity team look forward to chatting to you later this evening.

22nd October, 2015

Locum evening update

Clarity Locums is delighted to announce that Tomás Conefrey will be one of our guest speakers at the Locum evening on Tuesday 10th November in Dublin's Mont Clare hotel. Tomás is a second generation pharmacist whose family business has been serving the Pearse Street community since 1955. Tomás will speak on the evening about pharmacy owners' expectations of Locum pharmacists which should be of great help for newly qualified pharmacists starting their careers.

If you have not registered for our Locum event don't worry - there are still plenty of spaces - you can sign up at the link below:


Keep a close eye on our blog and social media where we will announce further details.

Can't make it on November 10th? No problem! The event will be live streamed on YouTube

Clarity Locums live on YouTube


13th October, 2015

2015 Locum evening announced

Clarity Locums invites you to our annual information evening. As you begin your pharmacy career, you might be considering starting out as a Locum. Locuming is the perfect way to learn fast and gain invaluable clinical, practical and interpersonal experience at working in a busy pharmacy environment.  

The evening is designed specifically for locum pharmacists and we will have a number of presentations, including: key aspects of working as a locum pharmacist in Ireland, Locum Pharmacist taxation and pharmacy owners expectations of locum pharmacists. 

This is an excellent opportunity to network with your pharmacy peers and key industry players.. We hope you find our panel speakers of interest and above all, we hope you enjoy yourself at this gathering of fellow pharmacy professionals. Light refreshments will be provided on the night.

The Clarity Locum Evening is a ticketed event. Please register at:

8th October, 2015

Clarity dines with the Lord Mayor of Dublin

A photo from last night's City Council young entrepreneur competition. Clarity Locums was nominated as a finalist in the best established business category at this year's young entrepreneur competition (organised by the City Council). The winners were announced at an awards ceremony in Dublin's Hilton hotel. It was a great occasion and the Clarity team got to speak with a wide range of young business people from diverse business backgrounds. The Lord Mayor spoke to the many business owners present and of the importance of continued development of new and existing businesses in the city.

1st October, 2015

New office!

Clarity Locums is delighted to announce its move to a bigger, brighter and more conveniently located office building. From 1st October, all Clarity's business will be conducted from 93 Lower Baggot Street. The office in Dame House, Dame Street is now closed. Clarity continues to expand its Client and Locum base and moves forward in its quest to break new ground in the Irish pharmacy recruitment sector. This is an important milestone for us and we look forward to even more new developments in the not so distant future. The move to the new location will give us the space and capacity we need to grow over the next 12 months while maintaining our high quality, cost effective, responsive and easy-to-use service. The Locum training centre is newly expanded and we can now facilitate many more pharmacists to come and learn (or update their knowledge) on the various dispensing systems.

21st September, 2015

Saturday newsletter

19th August, 2015

Vaccination pharmacists required



This autumn Clarity Locums are running their locum vaccination service across the country.
We are currently recruiting locum pharmacists who are free in the month of October on a nationwide basis.
Full vaccination training will be provided if required.
Please apply for this position with both your availability and your location and we will get you booked in. Send e-mail

25th June, 2015

Announcing a €20 referral bonus for all Pharmacists

Refer a Friend

From now until the end of August, we will send you €20 for every new Locum you refer.

Please bear in mind that:
- the new Locum must work at least one day for Clarity Locums
- the new Locum must not have registered with Clarity Locums before
- the bonus will be paid direct to your bank account in the August payroll
- the referral period is between June 18th and August 31st, 2015
- If the new Locum's first job occurs after the referral period has ended, you will still be paid the €20 bonus in the next payroll

Simply circulate the link below to your peers and ask them to enter your name in the "Referral" field.

17th June, 2015

Reminder to book well in advance!

Clarity Locums is having a very busy summer and we'd like to encourage all our clients to plan well in advance for the holiday period. This gives us the best chance at finding the best-fit person for your pharmacy. Please note that there is particularly high demand during the months of July and August and in the South East of the country. We will continue to offer our highly responsive, fully transparent and efficient service throughout this high demand period.

Summer in Ireland

2nd June, 2015

Announcing weekly payment processing for all contractors

Here at Clarity, we pride ourselves in being the most efficient pharmacy recruitment agency in the country. As part of this commitment to efficiency, from June 1st 2015, we now process all our contractors' invoices on a weekly basis.

If you are interested in working as a contractor, simply click here to find out more.

18th May, 2015

Clarity launches QicScript training center


Clarity Locums is delighted to announce the launch of a QicScript training centre. For pharmacists, technicians or pre-reg pharmacists who wish to gain familiarity with the popular QicScript dispensing system, simply make an appointment to come visit our Dame Street office. You can train on both QicScript.Net and QicScript Plus. Clarity Locums can give you a quick demo, you can follow our hour long tutorial or you can get a one-to-one session with an experienced pharmacist. You are also free to spend an extended time familiarising yourself with the system if you wish.

Here is a link to our new training center page - you can book yourself in for a time and day that suits you.

9th May, 2015

Website refresh complete

We've been busy and we hope you like the new design and the new quality-orientated features. We'll be circulating a detailed description in our newsletter on Monday.

30th April, 2015

Clarity Locums - upcoming updates

We've been busy the last couple of weeks on some big upgrades to the site that will make using Clarity Locums far easier and, most importantly, more profitable to use. These changes will be being implemented in early May and will be followed by a locum evening in Dublin in June. Keep a close eye on the homepage over the next couple of weeks, the changes will be immediately apparent. 

24th April, 2015

We're listening

We were truly overwhelmed by the response we got at the United Drug Pharmacy Show! We spoke to many of our current clients and met with many new clients. We had so many invaluable conversations at the Aviva Stadium over the course of the three days. Afterwards we sat down and examined in great detail what our customers have been saying to us and what our customers expect from us. We've been listening and we have a plan to improve what we are currently doing so as to make our service even better. So, over the next week or two, our website will be refreshed in keeping with how we plan on changing the way we do business. This is not just a superficial refresh - it's in keeping with our new commitment to i) continued excellence in the placement of high quality locums, ii) responsiveness and iii) efficiency. This is where our focus will be for the remainder of 2015 and we hope that you will find this small reorientation of the way we do things of great benefit to your organisation.

Stay tuned over the coming weeks for more details.


14th April, 2015

New employer app launched at United Drug Pharmacy Show

Clarity Locums is delighted to announce the launch of their new employer app at the United Drug Show, Aviva Stadium. The app was very well recieved and the response we got exceeded all our expectations. We hope that all our clients (existing and new) were impressed with the functionality, ease of use and quality assurance features. Managing your pharmacy's recruitment gaps is easier than ever before and now with the addition of the all new iPad/iPhone/Android app, you can book locums on the go and have the positions filled in hours (sometimes minutes!). In addition to the employer app, we also announced some new upgrades for the website including: the ability to download of all your data in Excel format, real-time status updates and an all-new comprehensive invoicing area. We are more transparent than ever before and make managing your costs quick, simple and intuitive.

Thank you to all the new clients who signed up over the last few days and we look forward to working with you to ensure the best locum match for your pharmacy. Thank you also to Anthony O'Neill, Eamonn Hynes, John Bourke and Claire Timmon for all their hard work over the last few weeks - we simply could not have made it here without the huge team effort.

10th April, 2015

United Drug Pharmacy Show 2015

Clarity Locums is looking forward to Sunday's Pharmacy Show at the Aviva Stadium (sponsored by United Drug).

We have some big announcements which we will be revealing on Sunday - details will also appear on our blog...

Sunday will be the perfect opportunity for all our clients to have a chat at our stand about the latest developments at Clarity Locums. We are very much looking forward to the day and hope to chat to you there!



31st March, 2015

Clarity Locums - updated app now live



Following feedback from locums Clarity Locums have completed a revamp of their locum app. From today the third edition of Clarity Locums' app is available on both Android and Apple devices. The new features allow users to save time, customise their Clarity Locums experience and insrease their likelihood of securing work.

New features include 
- Select frequency of push notifications
- Select minimum rate you want to be notified about
- Select days you are interested in 
- Select dispensing systems you are familiar with
- Order latest days by multiple criteria ( advert date, rate, area, job date)
This means out app is now equally useful for locums who locum full time and locums who simply want to get high rate emergency weekend roles - simply by adjusting their preferences accordingly.

Any feedback is valued - if you see something that could be improved on please email

18th March, 2015

Clarity Locums joins the National Recruitment Federation

Clarity Locums are delighted to announce that they are now a fully accredited member of the National Recruitment Federation. 

The National Recruitment Federation is a voluntary organisation set up to establish and maintain standards and codes of practice for the Recruitment Industry in Ireland. Membership of the NRF is granted only to organisations that meet criteria of excellence (including adherence to the provisions of the Employment Agency Act 1971 and all other relevant Government legislation & amendments) and who agree to abide by the NRF Code of Conduct.
Clarity Locums initially launched as a locum agency in 2012 but since then it has grown rapidly and now places all levels of pharmacy staff across Ireland. Clarity has also recently started working with clients in the pharmaceutical industry where there is currently a demand for pharmacists in areas such as quality control and quality assurance. 
If you are interested in a career change or any of the positions currently advertised on Clarity Locums please email or ring the office on 01 532 5441.

5th March, 2015

Clarity Locums New App Update

Clarity Locums are delighted to announce the launch of their latest version of their popular android locum and employers app. This app has been optimised following feedback from both locum and owners. The new features allow users to customise their Clarity Locums experience and increase their likely hood of securing locum work.

New features include 
- Select frequency of push notifications
- Select minimum rate you want to be notified about
- Select days you are interested in 
- Select dispensing systems you are familiar with
- Order latest days by multiple criteria ( advert date, rate, area, job date)
This means out app is now equally useful for locums who locum full time and locums who simply want to get high rate emergency weekend roles - simply by adjusting their preferences accordingly
An iPhone app is currently in the finishing stages - We will keep you updated!
Any feedback is valued - if you see something that could be improved on please email

27th February, 2015

Cancellation Policy



Following on from feedback on our recent survey and as the busy season for locums approaches we would like to highlight our cancellation policy. This policy is detailed below, any queries regarding this policy or any other aspect of Clarity Locums service can be directed to

Please Note Clarity Locums Cancellation Policy is as follows:


1. Standard Cancellation Policy

Four weeks notice must be provided by a locum when cancelling a booking.


2. Short Term Cancellation Policy 

A period of less than four weeks notice may be accepted where there are pressing and appropriate reasons to accept such. Any cancellation with less than three working days notice may result in a charge to the locum. 


All cancellations must be communicated directly to Anthony via telephone on 01 532 5441 or 0861999703 as soon a possible. 


Please note the following in relation to short term cancellations with less than three days notice notice– 


-If a locum cancels a booking within three working days (Monday to Friday) of the intended shift Clarity Locums may be required to pay a higher rate to secure an alternative locum. If this occurs Clarity Locums reserves the right to charge the locum who cancels to pay the difference in the rates of pay for the duration of the cancelled booking. 


-If a client cancels a locum within three working days of the intended shift they are entitled to pay the locum for 4 hours of the cancelled shift if Clarity Locums or said employer is unable to secure them an alternative shift. If an alternative shift is offered to the locum the employers liability for four hours is void.


The above cancellation policy will come into immediate effect. It is being implemented as it has come to Clarity Locum’s attention that a small number of pharmacists are seeing fit to cancel bookings at short notice or without appropriate reason for doing so. If this occurs it can have negative consequences for you future employment with Clarity Locums, both on a locum and full-time basis. 

Once you accept a booking and agree to cover a locum day you have entered into a legally binding contract for the provision of services for that shift. It is understandable that occasionally circumstances out of your control may arise which make it impossible to work allotted shifts. Clarity Locums may request documentation such as a medical certificate from a doctor to verify your short term cancellation.

Reasons such as finding a better paying shift or instances where you have been offered a full time job are not acceptable under the short term cancellation policy and four weeks notice must be provided to Clarity Locums as per the standard cancellation policy requirements. It is ordinary industry practice to work a notice period of one month in your current job prior to commencing a new full time employment. If you have locum bookings with Clarity Locums we ask that a these are honoured during this one month notice period.

If you are actively seeking full-time employment, as a portion of locums always are, you should avoid booking days more than four weeks in advance and should certainly not book large block bookings over four weeks away. This will allow you to pick up short notice days at higher rates while allowing locums who are locuming in the long to medium term to plan their diaries more effectively. 


Overall, if you intend to cancel a booking please provide Clarity Locums as much time as reasonable to afford Clarity Locums time to re-advertise the job so that alternative cover can be found.

25th February, 2015

Core Competency Framework now integrated with feedback system.
Following feedback from clients and locums Clarity Locums have completed a revamp of their quality system. From February onwards Clarity Locums feedback system is built around the PSI's Core Competency Framework. Clients can now provide feedback based upon the 6 Domains and their respective competencies and behaviors as outlined in the Core Competency Framework. Also, this ensures that feedback given to locums and their CPD will be in terms of the Framework. 
Speaking about the launch of the new initiative, managing director Anthony O'Neill was enthusiastic. "It is a real win - win situation. I have spoken to lots of pharmacists over the past couple of months about quality assurance and the upcoming CPD requirements. While most had heard about the Core Competency Framework many had not read it in depth. We designed this quality system with the aim of bridging the gap between the documentation required for CPD and the actual practice on the ground. Hopefully by engaging in this system both clients and locums will find it easier to engage with CPD going forward."
Clarity Locums is actively engaging with clients over the next two months while this system is being rolled out. If any clients or interested parties would like Anthony to call out to their pharmacy to go through this system or any other aspect of Clarity's service please call our head office on 01 532 5441 or email Anthony on
Log in to your Clarity Locums account here 
Don't have an account yet? Sign up here

11th February, 2015

Automated Methadone dispensing system is here!

Automated Methadone dispensing system has now arrived in Ireland. Methameasure allows automation of the dispensing process and dispensing records, reducing burden on staff and improving workflow. This system is ideal for pharmacies with more than 15 methadone clients. Any pharmacy owner interested in a demo of this revolutionary system can contact Anthony in our Dame street offices on 01 532 5441.

6th February, 2015

Celebrating our birthday today!

Hi Locums, 
Clarity Locums would like to take this opportunity to thank you for being apart of another great year in business. Today we celebrate our third birthday, throughout this last year we have brought on a new member to our management team - Claire, moved our offices to Dame Street, held a successful locum event in collaboration with the IPU and are operating TouchStore training sessions. 
Clarity Locums are growing on a day to day basis, successfully recruiting both clients and locums throughout Ireland. Looking towards our fourth year in business we have a number of new innovations in the pipeline. The first of which is the imminent launch the latest iteration of the locum app, which now includes optimised push notifications to avoid it clogging up your phone when a batch of days become available.
Again we would like to thank all locums for being the main factor in this years success. With many more years to come we ask you to take our anonymous survey by clicking here, so that we can further improve our service to you as a locum.

31st January, 2015

Annual locum survey

Happy Saturday guys - if you have a spare moment can you take a quick look at our survey

10 quick questions, shouldn't take more than 3 minutes to complete!

28th January, 2015

Locum taxation maximising your income


January is a time for budgeting and making plans for the year ahead. Balancing your income with your outgoings is the cornerstone for households and multinational corporations alike. Locum pharmacists can work for a myriad of employers, making prediction of their income difficult if not impossible at times. 


The first stage of any income assessment should consider this factor and your aim should be to predict who your three to four primary employers will be for the year ahead. Your tax credits should be split between these three to four primary employers. In doing this you will ensure a steady stream of income while avoiding emergency tax on any one income.


Another option that locums may be interested in is working as a contractor hrough a limited company. This is an exclusive offer from Clarity Locums in collaboration with Contracting PLUS. As a contractor you will be entitled to claim a variety of expenses such as subsistence, mileage, mobile phone bills and other business expenses wholly and exclusively for the purpose of your locum work before being taxed.  This can in an increase in your take home pay. To demonstrate the savings you can make as a contractor, please see below;


Weekly Calculation       Agency   Ltd. Co
        Cost   Cost
        €uro   €uro
  No of Hours   Rate per Hour      
Salary 36 x 25 900   -
Contractor rate 36 x 27 -   972
Contracting PLUS Fee (5%)       -   -48.6
Reimbursable Expenses 1            
- Mobile Phone Expense       -   -25
- Mileage Expense       -   -134.44
- Subsistence Expense       -   -118
Taxable salary       900   645.96
PAYE (40%) 2       -360   -258.38
USC (8%) 2       -72   -51.68
PRSI (4%)       -36   -25.84
Net Salary       432   310.06
Net Salary (plus reimbursable expenses)       432   587.5
Net Difference           36%
1. Assumes expenses are incurred wholly, exclusively and necessarily in the performance of their duties      
2. Assumes PAYE/USC applied at marginal rates - all applicable thresholds/credits allocated to other employment income    



For more information on how to maximise your income as a contractor with Clarity Locums and Contracting PLUS please call Colin Dignam on 016110707

22nd January, 2015

Are you recruiting in 2015?

Are you looking at expanding your pharmacy team in 2015? Perhaps you plan on opening a new pharmacy, or maybe a member of staff is going on maternity leave. Whatever the reason, Clarity Locums has got you covered. As well as providing a nationwide locum agency service, Clarity Locums also places all level of pharmacy staff - from OTC assistants right up to superintendent pharmacists. Some of the advantages of Clarity Locums recruitment service are listed bellow:

- Cost effective - at €1000 for the placement of pharmacists and €500 for all other pharmacy staff Clarity Locums offers unbeatable value for Money
- Pharmacist led recruitment - Our team is led by practising pharmacists so we understand the needs of our clients better than any other recruitment professionals
- Experience - we place thousands of locums a year, this insight allows us a unique insight into the competencies of the work force ensuring the right candidates are placed in the right roles.
These are just some of the advantages Clarity's recruitment service has to offer. To discuss any staffing requirements, please ring Anthony in our Dame street offices on 01 532 5441

16th January, 2015

Reduce your energy bills, increase your light levels and save money...


Yilunar Science & Technology is a leading LED lighting designer, manufacturer and installer of commercial LED light fittings that come with a 5 year guarantee and are fully approved by the Sustainable Energy Authority of Ireland. Yilunar is an Irish company based in Citywest and can provide savings of up to 80% when lighting upgrades are carried out.

Due to phenomenal success and a growing client base which includes the Beacon Hospital, Tesco and Top Oil, Yilunar is now establishing ‘buyers clubs’ within targeted markets to encourage more implementation.

Yilunar is inviting pharmacies throughout Ireland to avail a 10% discount off list price of installed fittings in colabrtion with Clarity Locums.  All their products have been independently tested and have a lifetime of 50,000 hours. This means no bulb replacement for 12 years in a retail environment.

For further information, please contact and he will be more than happy to provide you with more detailed information. 

7th January, 2015

How to get more locum work



January and February are the quietest months of the year for locum pharmacists. This quiet period is particularly tough especially for newly qualified pharmacists, coming just after the expensive Christmas period. There are however a couple of simple steps all locums can take to improve the likelihood of securing work.

-          Whitelist emails – sometimes agencies can have their email blacklisted by email providers due to the volume of emails that go out between newsletters, jobs bulletins and job confirmations. One way to avoid important job bulletin emails ending up in your spam folder is to add the email to your whitelist.

-          Smartphone app – the quickest and most efficient way to apply for days is to use the Clarity Locums smartphone app.

-          Push notifications – Once a day is added to our database a push notification is sent out to all subscribers using our app, this gives subscribers a huge advantage over locums relying on traditional methods such as emails or text. You can also select the areas in which you want to receive notifications from.

-          Email your availability – email or to let us know your availability, this will also increase the likelihood of us contacting you when days become available.

-          Preferences section – update the preferences section of your locum account to ensure you only get emails and notifications about days that you are interested in.

-          Expand your dispensing system knowledge – take advantage of the quiet time to do some shadowing with systems you don’t know or drop into Clarity Locums for a TouchStore Rx Tutorial.

If you have any questions please feel free to email Anthony or Claire on the emails listed above or call 01-5325441.

To book in a Touchstore training session please email .

15th December, 2014

Substance misuers' in community pharmacy survey



Pharmacists are often the healthcare professional that has the most frequent contact with substance misusers. The pharmaceutical care provided in the community therefore can have a large impact on the outcome of treatments provided the substance misusers whether it be acute detoxification or medium to long-term maintenance treatment. In the survey link below a 4th year pharmacy student is focusing on this area for the final year dissertation. Apart from helping out a pharmacy student this surveys questions are thought provoking in and of themselves. If you have 5 minutes spare please take the time to complete this survey.

9th December, 2014

Clarity Locums - Upgraded Quality Assurance System - Now Live!

Clarity Locums’ upgraded quality assurance system is now live. Clarity Locums are constantly working on ensuring that we get the right match between our clients and locums. The new upgrades to our quality system (detailed below) will not only help strengthen our reputation for quality but will enable both Clarity Locums and the locums it provides to continuously learn from active feedback. This ultimately ensures that our locum work force is capable of delivering the highest possible standard of pharmaceutical care to each pharmacy in which they locum.

Employer advantages of this new upgraded quality system include:

  1. Employers are able to upload their SOP's.
  2. Employers can review each locum following a booking.
  3. By engaging with our unique quality assurance system employers ultimately ensure the right locum is booked for their pharmacy.

Locum advantages of this new upgraded quality system include:

  1. Locums can now detail the dispensing systems they are familiar with.
  2. Locums can also select the days of the week and areas they are available for work.
  3. Clarity Locums have also streamlined their registration process, allowing locums to up load their CV, PSI and identification documents directly to their profile. 

If you are already a registered pharmacy with Clarity Locums then you can now engage with our upgraded quality assurance system - try it out now by logging into your account here.

If you are not signed up, sign up below now to benefit from this upgraded quality assurance system. 

New employers sign up here

New locums sign up here

If you have any questions contact Anthony at Clarity Locums at or call us on 01-5325441.

25th November, 2014

Our Touchstore Learning Center Launch - Taking bookings now!

Here at Clarity Locums we are continuously trying to provide pharmacies with high quality locums. To do this we have a strict quality control system in place and are constantly trying to create opportunities for our locums to gain experience. This is why from today at Clarity Locums our locums can practise and learn how to use the Touchstore Dispensing System for free here in our office in Dame Street.

Clarity Locums are accepting bookings for our locums to expand their knowledge and make them more desirable to pharmacies, locums can now familiarise themselves with Touchstore so as they can have the opportunity to locum in pharmacies that use this system as well as systems they may already be familiar with.

To avail of this free service if you are not already a locum with Clarity Locums sign up here and then either email or call Clarity Locums on (01) 5325441 to book in a time and day.

Take advantage of our Touchstore Learning Center service and book today.

20th November, 2014

Clarity Locum's event a complete success


(From the left Tony Rudden- Touchstore representative, Francis Farrell – Contracting Plus, Shelia O’Loughlin MPSI – IPU and Anthony O’Neill MPSI – Clarity Locums)

Clarity Locums would like to thank not only our guest speakers from Touchstore, Contracting Plus and the IPU but also all those who attended our annual Clarity Locums event on Tuesday the 18Th of November at the Mont Clare Hotel.

Just to recap what was discussed at the event for those who were unable to make it. Anthony O’Neill, managing director of Clarity Locums, gave a brief overview of what locuming entails followed by John Burke who gave a brief talk on ethical issues and the core competency framework. Shelia O’Loughlin then spoke about the Irish Pharmacy Union (IPU) and the benefits of being an IPU member; reminding new graduates that their first year’s membership is free of charge. Francis Farrell from Contracting Plus then spoke about locum taxation and payment options. Following this Tony Rudden from Touchstore gave a brief demonstration of Touchstore Rx and its functions. Anthony then finished the evening by giving a brief talk on the operations of Clarity Locums.

Both presentation are now available to download here – first presentation and second presentation.

19th November, 2014

Clarity Locums launch a Touchstore training center

(Anthony O'Neill of Clarity Locums pictured with Tony Rudden of Touchstore software at the launch of their new training initiative)

Last night at their annual locum evening Clarity Locums managing director, Anthony O'Neill, announced the launch of a Touchstore training center at their new offices on Dame Street in Dublin City center. Locums can now visit Clarity headquarters to familiarise themselves with Touchstore before using it in a busy dispensary. More details to follow.

13th November, 2014

IPU, Contracting Plus and Touchstore to speak at Clarity Locums upcoming event.

Clarity Locums are holding their annual locum information evening in the Mont Clare Hotel next Tuesday the 18th of November at 7pm. With presentations by the IPU, Touchstore and Contracting Plus the evening is one not to be missed for any pharmacists or pharmacy technicians either newly-qualified or experienced.

The evening will begin with Anthony O’Neill, Managing Director for Clarity Locums, giving a presentation on the introduction of locuming in Ireland. John Bourke, ex-president of the PSI, will then give a brief talk on the core competency framework. Sheila O’Loughlin of the IPU will follow with a brief speech on the benefits of IPU membership. Contracting Plus will explain locum taxation and their contracting offer. Touchstore will then give a presentation on their dispensing system.

A brief break for any questions follow, following this attendees will then be free to visit individual stands where they can get further details from the presenting businesses.

Register now for our event here or sign up now to start locuming today here at our pharmacist sign up or  Technician sign up

3rd November, 2014

Congratulations to all qualifying pharmacists on their results!

A big congratulations to all qualifying pharmacists on their results today from our team here at Clarity Locums.

If you have just passed your exam and intend on joining the PSI register in December sign up with Clarity Locums today to kick start your locum career. Also why not join us at our Locum Information Evening on the 18th of November at the Mont Clare Hotel at 7pm.


30th October, 2014

Clarity Locums launch employer App.

Here at Clarity Locums we do our best to make the booking process as easy as possible for both employers and employees. That’s why now not only do we have a Clarity Locums app for locums to apply for vacancies but have now launched our employer app making it easier for Pharmacy’s to book locum days whenever and wherever they are.

Available on both iPhone and Android platforms; our new employer app allows pharmacies to book in staff locum pharmacists and technicians, view their pharmacies, add a pharmacy, view their bookings and edit their contact details.

Register with us at the link below or sign up in the Clarity Locums Employer App, available now in the App Store and Google Play Store.

Click here to sign up

Download the Clarity Locum Employer App today saving you time and money!

23rd October, 2014

Locum evening - Tuesday 18th November

Calling all newly qualified and soon to be qualified pharmacists and pharmacy technicians!!!

The team at Clarity Locums are delighted to invite you to our annual information evening. It will be held on Tuesday the 18th of November from 7pm until 9pm in the Mont Clare Hotel, Merrion Square Lower, Dublin 2.

The evening will give an overview of locuming in Ireland, locum  taxation, and Touchstore dispensing software.

Launched in 2012, Clarity Locums is the fastest growing locum agency in Ireland sourcing locums for over 250 pharmacies. Run by practicing locum pharmacists, we have our finger on the pulse of the locum sector ensuring that both our locums' and clients’ needs are serviced in an efficient and professional manner. We hope to meet you at the locum evening where we can introduce you to the Clarity team and help kick start your locum career.


Sign up below our website to start receiving daily updates on locum jobs near you

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*If you are a Pharmacist technician click here to sign up

16th October, 2014

Locums pay €596 less in tax than last year with the new 2015 Budget!

The new budget announced earlier this week had some good news for pharmacists and other professionals that earn less than €70,000.

With the standard tax percentage staying at 20% and the higher tax rate dropping from 41% to 40%, a single person can now earn €1,000 more before paying the higher rate which is now at a higher cut-off point of €33,800 in this year’s budget.

As well as this the not so welcomed USC tax has gone down by .5% on both standard and higher rates of USC to 1.5% and 3.5%.However individuals that earning more than €70,000 will pay an increased rate of USC of 8% on those earnings.

For a single locum with no children earning €55,000 this will result in a saving of €596 euros on last year.

15th October, 2014

East Coast FM Advert

Tune in to our job posting on East Coast Fm at 6.30am,12.30pm or 4.30pm!

Clarity Locums are looking for experienced and newly qualified pharmacists and pharmacy technicians in the south east.

Sign up now in the pharmacist/technician drop down menu above.


3rd October, 2014

French pharmacists go on strike, resisting deregulation

Pharmacists all over France are protesting against plans to deregulate their industry. This strike which occurred on Tuesday of this week, left the legal minimum ten percent of pharmacies open throughout the day. The goverment plans to end pharmacy’s control of the sale of certain medications, such as paracemtamol, as part of a bid to stimulate economic growth.

Community pharmacy in France is highly regulated with specific measures in place to prevent monopolies. Currently pharmacies can only be owned by pharmacists and they cannot own more than two pharmacies at a time, effectively blocking multinationals from the French market. It is feared that the deregulation of over the counter medication could be part of a wider plan to ultimately completely deregulate the sector.

Pharmacists said although they were not the type to protest they “needed to be heard today, it not only affects our entire social security system, which has to evolve if it going to survive.” one other protester then lead to continue by adding “Deregulation would make our social security system implode, this is what we are fighting to prevent.”


25th September, 2014

IPU calls for minor ailment scheme

The Irish Pharmacy Union (IPU) is calling for the introduction of a minor aliment scheme for medical card holders. The minor aliment scheme will allow medical card holders to obtain a prescription for minor complains such as constipation, mild eczema, athlete's foot, etc. without having to visit their GP. If this scheme is introduced it will continue the recent trend of expanding the range of services provided by Irish pharmacies.

This call came from the IPU as part of their pre-budget submission. If implemented, it is thought the scheme will reduce a GP's workload by up to 18% at no further cost to the state. This reduction in workload will allow GP’s to focus on more complex conditions, improving patient outcomes and quality of care.

Kathy Maher, president of IPU, stated that “Minor ailment schemes have also been successful in other countries including Northern Ireland and Scotland. We are calling on the Government to replicate such a scheme in Ireland.”


23rd September, 2014

Clarity Locums - Locum vaccination services

This autumn Clarity Locums are offering a locum vaccination service, the first of its kind in the country, allowing pharmacy owners greater flexibility around the provision of this relatively new pharmacy service. 
Discussing the new initiative Anthony O'Neill said "It's a service we've been thinking about for sometime. From my own experience locuming I have worked in pharmacies that have really engaged in the vaccination service; others that have taken a more circumspect view. Our service will allow owners who have doubts to run a pilot service in their own pharmacy and then perhaps go on to engage with it more fully in years to come. It also allows locums to get involved in the provision of vaccines and increase the public's access to the vaccination service. It is a win win for the community pharmacy sector."
If you are interested in this service, either as a locum or pharmacy owner, please contact Anthony on 01 532 5441 or 

5th September, 2014

Domperidone relisted as POM in the UK


The UK medicines regulator, the MHRA, annouced this week that popular anti-nausea drug Domperidone was being re-listed as prescription only.

This move was triggered by a recent European Medicines Agency review that found that there was a small risk of serious cardiac side effects. Unlike the PSI the Royal Pharmaceutical society has not issued any guidance to date on the over the counter sale of Domperidone so it remains to be seen if similar reclassication takes place here.

The official announcement can be viewed here 

30th August, 2014

Pharma Tube

Pharma Tube is an Limerick based digital media business focusing on the Irish Pharmacy market. Founder and pharmacist Daire Scanlon saw a gap in the market for a pharmacy focused digital media service in 2013 and has been impressed with the results to date. Speaking earlier today with Clarity Locums Diare was upbeat "We have a range of services from the single independent right up to the nationwide chains. Pharma Tube allows owners and managers to focus on day to day operations safe in the knowledge that their digital media marketing is in good hands" 
If you are interested in Pharma Tube's offers you can visit them at the link below
Pharma Tube

12th August, 2014

Touchstore e-learning and online app

Touchstore have just launched a elearning module to allow pharmacists and pharmact staff to become Touchstore experts. This will be of particular use to locums who are a little rust or who have not done any locums with Touchstore yet. To sign up for this elearning course email

The recently released touchstore app allows locums to get up to speed on the system before bookings by viewing their training videos. There are a wealth of other features included too so it is well worth a download.

It can be viewwed online here 


28th July, 2014

Updated guidance on Levonorgestrel

The HPRA issued guidance late last week on the supply of Levonorgestrel - see content below from the HPRA site -

The European Medicines Agency today concluded that levonorgestrel and ulipristal are suitable emergency contraceptives for all women, irrespective of body weight. This follows a review of emergency contraceptives to assess whether increased bodyweight affects the effectiveness of these medicines in preventing unintended pregnancy following unprotected sexual intercourse or contraceptive failure. 

The Agency’s Committee for Medicinal Products for Human Use (CHMP) recommends that these emergency contraceptives can continue to be used in women of all weights, as the benefits are considered to outweigh the risks. 

In November 2013, the product information of one emergency contraceptive containing levonorgestrel, Norlevo, was updated on the basis of results from two clinical studies to state that Norlevo is less effective in women weighing 75 kg or more and not effective in women weighing more than 80 kg. Subject to approval of the CHMP recommendation, by the European Commission, this statement will be deleted from the Norlevo product information.


25th July, 2014

MultiMeds - A revolutionary blister pack system
MultiMeds is a new innovative blister pack system pioneered by Bray pharmacist, Paul Burns. Multimeds has 28 removeable pods which are labelled with the medication and patients details - if required a photo can even be included on the individual pods. Multimeds is cost-effective, easy to integrate into any pharmacy and incredibly easy for patients to adapt to.
A full product flyer can be downloaded here
If you are interested in enchacing your blister pack service with MultiMeds Paul can be contacted at
087 222 3700 or can be emailed at

8th July, 2014

Soft Drinks Consumption Survey

Below is a link to an interesting survey on soft drink consumption. 

If you have a spare 5 minutes your input would be greatly appreciated.

4th July, 2014

Nicotine replacement therapy listed as GSL

A dangerous precedent has been set today by the Health Products Regulatory Authority (formerly IMB) with the delisting of nicotine replacement therapy. This move essentially means that there is now minimal regulation of the sale of nicotine replacement therapy. 

It has long been established that the rate of success with nicotine replacement therapy is best achieved in combination with appropriate counselling from a healthcare professional, usually a pharmacist. Today's deregulation has further isolated pharmacists from the general public in order to increase the turnover of large supermarket and convenience store chains. The real losers here are the smoking population whose chances of cessation have taken a considerable hit.

It is deeply disappointing that the regulator could not differentiate between the theoretical marginal benefits of increased availability and the significant, established benefits of safe and appropriate supply via a pharmacy.

3rd July, 2014

Children collecting medication from a pharmacy

If locuming it only a matter of time until you find yourself in a tricky situation surrounding the supply of medication. One such example is a child collecting a prescription on behalf of someone else, perhaps their parent or grandparent. There are a number of questions to be considered when making a decision on wheter to hand out the medication or not.

Below is a link to a guidance document on children collecting medication from a pharmacy that accurately summarises the factors at play.

26th June, 2014

Irish Pharmacy schemes overview for UK qualified pharmacists


With the pre-reg exam looming for UK pharmacy interns many Irish students will be beginning to think about returning to Ireland to pursue their career here. There are significant differences between the administration of primary care between Ireland and the UK and community drug schemes are no exception to this.

In general the volume of items dispensed in Irish pharmacies will be lower than those in the UK, this lower volume of items is counterbalanced by a significant increase in both the amount schemes encountered and the volume of paper work. It is not uncommon for a single patient to use three separate schemes concurrently, for example: a diabetic patient may present receive their hypoglycemics on the "Long term illness" scheme, their PPI on their families "Drug Payment" scheme and then the "High tech" scheme for an immunosuppressant for their rheumatoid arthritis. These three schemes will result in 4 separate print outs, three of which will have to be signed by the patient and then filed to accompany the end of month return. So it is easy to see how you can quickly become overwhelmed by a seemingly innocuous request for four or five regular items.

This link provides a brief background on Irish community drug schemes.

Clarity Locums is run by practising locum pharmacists so we understand the stresses and strains that accompanies locum work, especially when returning from the UK. If you have any queries on anything to do with locuming in Ireland or want to organise some shadowing work with one of our clients before you start locum work please give Anthony a ring on 01 532 5441 - Clarity Locums are always happy to help.

Once you get your PSI number you can register here


24th June, 2014


Recent years have seen an increased focus on SOP's and risk management since the 2007 Pharmacy Act. Until recently the error log was a hard-bound folder, or perhaps an excel spreadsheet, confined to an individual pharmacy and oftentimes to the back of the superintendents or supervising pharmacists mind. Pharmapod changes all of this. 


Launched in August 2012, Pharmapod is a software designed by pharmacists, for pharmacists and is widely used in both the community and hospital sectors. It enables pharmacists to record and review all the medication related incidents that occur within their practice and importantly to schedule preventative action, demonstrating effective governance and compliance to error reporting requirements.  

A clean cloud based user interface allows subscribers to accurately log and compile their errors and other medication incidents such as near misses and abuse and misuse of medication while generating a national database of incidents which will enable the profession as a whole to spot trends and identify high risk medicines and common root-causes, optimising pharmacists risk management strategies into the future.

Pharmapod does not stop there, 

 •   Integration is currently being discussed with dispensing software vendors and the Irish Institute of pharmacy to further improve its integration into the pharmacy and streamline the recording of the CPD elements.

•   The school of pharmacy at Trinity College Dublin is developing the content for an accredited Risk Management module to be delivered through the Pharmapod platform.

•   Interfacing with the IMB database, improving pharmacovigilance practices locally and nationally. 

•   Expansion into the UK market and beyond is part of their immediate plans ensuring an even richer source of data and points to act on going forward.

•   Full suite of SOPs, Practice Policies and pharmacy audit functionality, with version control and a ‘train-track’ function to enable pharmacists to keep efficient competency assessment records of all staff that have been trained – available from December.

Pharmacies are faced with an ever increasing level of litigation, indeed one indemnity provider recently reported a doubling of claims on their scheme from €2.36 million from 2004-2008 to €4.8million for the 2009-2013 period. Given the potential risk management efficiencies offered by Pharmapod, it is apparent that it is not a question of can you afford Pharmapod as to whether you can afford not to use Pharmapod.

If you are interested in making Pharmapod part of your pharmacies Quality System you can contact the Pharmapod team at or by telephone on 01 685 2242

17th June, 2014

Select your prefered locations for e-mails



Morning locums, from today you can now select the areas included in your daily jobs bulletin emails.

For instance if you are only interested in locuming in the Leinster area you log in you your locum account, click on "Notification Settings" and select the counties in Leinster you are interested in.

Hopefully this will make booking days easier - nobody likes sifting through over a hundred locum for the days they want after nine plus hours standing on your feet!

9th June, 2014

Contracting via Clarity Locums



Clarity Locums have recently partnered with an accountancy firm called Contracting PLUS. They provide accountancy services to self-employed individuals across a wide range of sectors, including locum pharmacists, doctors and radiographers in the medical profession.


Clarity Locums are delighted to offer you the opportunity to now work with us as a self-employed pharmacist, using the services of Contracting PLUS. Using this service puts you in a position to reduce your tax by offsetting your business expenses. These expenses, which you incur at present in the course of your work for Clarity Locums, include mobile and internet bills, PSI fees and travel for work purposes to name a few.


Locum pharmacists working through Contracting PLUS may command a higher rate than that which you receive being paid directly by Clarity Locums. This coupled with the tax relief from expenses mentioned above, ultimately means that you take home more money after taxes. You submit your timesheets and business expenses on their online portal or handy Smartphone app, Contracting PLUS look after everything else, taking the hassle out of self-employment for you.


 You will find further information below as well as contact details for Colin Dignam, the Healthcare Specialist in Contracting PLUS. Colin is available for free consultations to discuss the service and how it can benefit you. Contracting PLUS has offices conveniently located in Merrion Square, Dublin and Cork Airport Business Park, Cork.


I am also available to review the opportunity with any of you if you would like to explore it further. 


7th June, 2014

Controlled drugs refresher


Below is a link to a useful article in the Irish Medical Times focusing on the controlled drugs regulations - always handy to jog the brain on these regulations, far better to read it here than in a PSI inspectors report.

Contained within the article is a PDF with a comprehensive list of controlled drugs and their schedules, also linked below.

Aticle -

List -



25th May, 2014

Locum pharmacy in Ireland

Many things have changed in the world of community pharmacy in recent years. The world of the locum pharmacist is no exception. 


There was a time when employers would man the phones for hours scouring the highways and byways of their networks searching for this elusive species. Then, if found, anxiety would turn to matters of price and personality – can I afford them? Can I trust them with my customers? 

Today, a surplus of locums and recent changes in how Revenue regards locums’ tax status has resulted in a vastly different environment for locums and proprietors alike. While it is no longer such an arduous task to locate a locum, the suitability of the locum has never been more important with declining revenues and much reduced support staff to guide them throughout the day. The customer, the proprietor and the support staff need not just ‘a locum’ – they need the right locum. This is a priority with Clarity Locums.

The locum and the location – get the mix right!

Clarity Locums has been set up by and is run by working retail pharmacists who know the world of the locum but also know the world of the pharmacist proprietor. While pharmacists have a common standard in pharmacy qualifications, we are all familiar with the apocryphal stories of excellence but also of disaster. We hear from the locums: ‘That’s a lovely place to work – if ever they need someone, I’d be happy to help them out’. Usually, we don’t hear from the pharmacy proprietors unless there is a problem, but we make a point of keeping in regular contact and, mostly, things work out fine. In the event that there is a problem, we recognise how significant this can be for the entire running of the pharmacy, even if only for one day. We respond and solve the problem – quickly and efficiently. Clarity Locums recognises this dynamic and always works on the principle of ‘suiting the locum to the location’. To do this we get to know our locums and clients alike. 

The locum – career and practice support

Many locums are young pharmacists in the early stages of their careers. They are highly competent but equally they can be vulnerable in their placement in many ways. Locums are effectively “self-employed”. They can often feel quite isolated in work. This can be accentuated by the fact that they are temporarily part of the staff, but not really one of the team. In addition, they may never have worked before with the staff on that day so their personal skills are at a premium. While there is guidance in this regard from the Core Competency Framework for Pharmacists, skill development needs practice. Leadership, decision-making, teamwork, communication – these are all personal skills that the locum requires.

In addition, the locum requires organisation and management skills appropriate to their responsibilities. They need to quickly come to understand ordering and stock management practices and work effectively with the documented policies and procedures in the workplace. They need to take management responsibility, as appropriate, on the day. Often, this can be onerous. Unfortunately, it is usually only when these competencies are absent that they get noticed. Often, they get no feedback if something has gone wrong – they just get no call-back. Hence the learning opportunity is lost. At Clarity Locums, we see ourselves as part of the extended team of the pharmacy and will provide advice and support to locums, not only in getting placements, but also in their development as practitioner pharmacists. Locums need to have a forum to discuss practice issues. At Clarity Locums, we do our best to provide that support as well as a steady stream of work and help towards simplifying their tax arrangements.

Equally, as part of the extended team of the pharmacy, Clarity Locums looks to support the pharmacy proprietor – group or independent – not only with suitable pharmacists, but also with their wider recruitment needs. Clarity Locums offers a cost-effective solution for employers in terms of efficiently recruiting professional staff, and can offer experienced guidance in relation to full-time role recruitment.

Anthony O’Neill is a pharmacist and is managing director of Clarity Locums. While practising as a locum pharmacist in Dublin he noticed significant unmet needs of pharmacy owners. He launched Clarity Locums in February 2012. From then Clarity Locums grew from a handful of bookings in the first month of trading to hundreds a month, alongside multiple supervising and support pharmacist placements across Ireland in 2013.

Anthony is also involved with Clarity Homecare ( and Clarity Recruitment – two sister companies that have been developed in collaboration with Collab, a collaboration based enterprise development agency and platform (

                                                      Anthony O'Neill MPSI


Clarity Locums, 6 Trinity Street,

Dublin 2.

Tel: 01 532 5441